A10 Shakedown

A10 Shakedown

Ladies and Gents,

You know the score and you know what’s at stake. No need to bore you with a long preamble. Here are the possibilities as far as the Atlantic 10 conference final standings and what those standings mean for seeding in the conference tournament. I went most in depth on our very own Flyers; you can thank me later. 


The Flyers can (somewhat remarkably) be conference co-champions and lock up the 1-seed in the conference tournament if:

  • Dayton wins vs. VCU AND
  • St. Joseph’s loses to Duquesne on Saturday

The Hawks losing at home to Duquesne seems highly unlikely, but it would knock them out of the A10 title picture at 13-5. The Flyers would move into a tie with VCU at 14-4 and would win the head-to-head tiebreaker by virtue of Saturday’s win. OR UD would finish in a 3-way tie with VCU and St. Bonaventure. This tiebreaker is record vs. the opponents with which you’re tied. Dayton would win that at 2-1; VCU would be 1-1; and the Bonnies are 1-2.

UD will be the number 2-seed in Brooklyn if: 

  • Dayton wins vs. VCU AND
  • St. Joseph’s wins vs. Duquesne AND
  • St. Bonaventure loses at SLU Saturday

This would render another 3-way tie at 14-4, this time between Dayton, VCU, and St. Joe’s. The tiebreaker is the same (record vs. opponents with which you’re tied), and all three teams would be 1-1.

We then go to the next tiebreaker (pretty sure I’m the only one still awake at this point), which is conference record of the tied teams based on winning percentage versus the highest common opponent. That opponent would be the Bonnies. VCU wins the tiebreaker and the 1-seed by virtue of being 1-0 against SBU. UD picks up the 2-seed (1-1), and SJU loses the tiebreaker due to its two losses to the Bonnies.

The Flyers claim the 3-seed if:  

  • Dayton wins vs. VCU AND
  • St. Joseph’s wins vs. Duquesne AND
  • St. Bonaventure wins at SLU Saturday

Now, we arrive at the dreaded outcome: a 4-way tie for the conference championship at 14-4. The tiebreaker – again, record vs. opponents with which you’re tied – would go to VCU at 2-1. St. Bona is 3-2, the Flyers are 2-2, and St. Joe’s drops to the 4-seed with a record of 1-3 vs. these opponents.

The last and worst scenario for UD is a loss Saturday at the hands of VCU. This would drop the Flyers all the way to the number 4-seed in the A10 tourney.

VCU Men's Basketball v California University (Pa.)


With a win against the Flyers, VCU would clinch the outright Atlantic 10 title and head to Brooklyn as the 1-seed. The Rams have another path to #1 if: 

  • VCU loses at Dayton AND
  • St. Joseph’s wins vs. Duquesne Saturday

Will Wade’s squad can be no worse than the 2-seed next week. This happens only if VCU and St. Joe’s both lose on Saturday.


St. Joseph’s

I was somewhat surprised to learn that there is no scenario in which the Hawks can stake claim to 1- seed. SJU will head to Brooklyn as the two if:

  • St. Joseph’s wins vs. Duquesne AND
  • VCU wins at Dayton AND
  • St. Bonaventure loses at SLU Saturday

There are three scenarios featuring seven different outcomes in which Martelli’s Men end up as the 3-seed (I only wish I were joking), and there are two more scenarios after that where SJU obtains the four. I didn’t sign up for all that when I volunteered to write this post, so let’s just keep it simple. If the Flyers take care of business on Saturday, St. Joe’s will likely be in fourth place.


St. Bonaventure

The Bonnies are, to my mind, the surprise team in all of this. Bonaventure goes to the A10 tournament in second place if:

  • St. Bonaventure wins at SLU AND
  • St. Joseph’s wins vs. Duquesne Saturday


  • St. Bonaventure wins at SLU AND
  • St. Joseph’s loses vs. Duquesne AND
  • VCU wins at Dayton Saturday

Got all that? Again, there a boatload of outcomes in which the Bonnies would be the 3-seed and another set of scenarios in which Bonaventure grabs the four.


George Washington 

The Colonials have clinched the 5-seed. 



The Wildcats can clinch the 6-seed with a win over George Washington on Saturday.

Davidson falls to the 7-seed if: 

  • The Wildcats lose to GW AND
  • Rhode Island wins it last two games vs. UMass and Fordham


Rhode Island  

The Rams can finish as high as sixth in the conference (see above) with two wins and a Davidson loss. If Davidson wins or URI loses either of its final two, the Rams will end up in seventh.

There are some scenarios in which URI falls into a tie with Fordham, Richmond, or both. But I’m not all about that 7-8-9 seed tiebreaker life.


To put a bow on all of this nonsense, nothing really matters if UD can’t beat VCU at home on Saturday. This relegates the Flyers to fourth place in the league and sets up a highly probably match-up with George Washington in the A10 quarterfinals. With that in mind, you’re rooting for a St. Joe’s loss and for the Flyers to get a W on Dyshawn Pierre’s senior night.

If I had to wager on all this (please ask the editor-in-chief about gambling), I’d say the most likely finish is one in which UD, St. Joe’s, and St. Bonaventure all win on Saturday. That leaves us with a 4-way tie for the conference championship and gives Dayton a 3-seed in the A10 tournament.

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