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Hey douchebag readers! Welcome back! The season is right around the corner and I know all of you are probably getting excited to read about the St Franceseseseseses of the world. While that is going to be fun for us, unfortunately it is hard to keep up with the site on a daily basis. That is where are looking for help from you all.

This season, we are looking to do a segment every Monday titled “Weekend Update.” We need to tap into a key demographic we sometimes feel we are neglecting. The college student. So yes, we are looking for current UD students (male or female) who would be willing to write a quick, or long, blurb about the weekend happenings on the UD campus that will appear on this lovely site every Monday evening. This post does not have to involve basketball (unless you want it to) and can be about whatever you want. Did you and your friends do a pub crawl and one of you got arrested for pissing on a cop car? Write about it! Did you and your friends get on an RTA bus and rode downtown before you realized you were only white people there? Write about it! Did you have a kick ass party where two girls went down on each other? Write about it! And provide pictures. If you are in the Red Scare and want to talk about the basketball games, go right ahead. You will, of course, remain anonymous.

The blog will be your easel and your writings will be your pen. Or whatever, I don’t know. Just if you are interested, email us at We can take more than one writer out there. As always, tell your friends.

Don Donoher

I'm better than you. And I know it.

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