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The Red/Blue was a thing that happened. Might have been last Saturday, might have been July 17th. Who knows. Here are my random thoughts, a recap of something I barely remember.

To answer your first (and only) question…yes, Kavanaugh was cheered, but not wildly. Everyone just kinda clapped while looking around with faces that said “am I the only one clapping? No, that guy is. So is that guy. That lady is, so it must be cool”. To his credit, Kavanaugh looks to be in really good shape. He was even dunking with ease in warmups. Yes, that’s a legit compliment.

The game itself was sloppy, so they are in midseason form already, which is nice.

The entire team looks stronger. Like, a lot stronger.

Jordan Sibert is smooth. His brain was moving faster than his feet early on, but in a good way (?). You can tell he understands the game at a higher level than his teammates. He has some rust to knock off, but I think he will be just fine. (I’m slow playing this…kid can have a special two years at UD)

[quote_box_right]Everyone just kinda clapped while looking around with faces that said “am I the only one clapping? No, that guy is. So is that guy. That lady is, so it must be cool”.[/quote_box_right]

Devon Scott looks like an entirely new player. He’s bigger, more skilled, and clearly the game is moving slower for him. He even hit a pair of 17 foot jumpers. I know, right? Pencil him in for a devilish 6/6/6. Six points, six boards, six fouls.

Scoochie Smith is legit. Young point guards are a four letter word, but this kid has it. Give him time and allow him to grow through mistakes, but also know that he will put the team on his back doe and win a game at least once this season.

I sat with a friend of mine, who still openly mocks Josh Benson. That’s good hustle.

I remember people saying Kendall Pollard was, um, plump. He’s not. That boy is an ath-a-lete. His skill level is low(ish), but he can contribute right away on defense and in transition. The other freshman, Kyle Davis, is very small and very green. I would expect little from him this season, and hope to be surprised.

Dyshawn Pierre is bigger. He didn’t show much, but he didn’t need to. He can be as good as he wants to be. Let’s hope he wants to be.

Pretty sure Devin Oliver led the team in scoring with well over 8 points. He was oh-for-several from three.

All in all, I didn’t go in looking for anything specific, yet came away seeing a lot of things I like. They are definitely stronger and more athletic, and on the surface they appear more skilled. They will most certainly win more games than they lose. Beyond that, I have no idea.

First pop quiz is Saturday vs Ned Ryerson U from Canada.  Wait’ll you see their whistling belly button trick.


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