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UD took in a relaxing exhibition against the Fightin’ Neds of Ryerson College yesterday at the Arena. It went as expected. Dayton rolled out to a 22 point halftime lead, lost interest and eventually dusted off the vanquished, 89-62.  The main takeaway from yesterday’s pointless tilt? Depth. UD has plenty of it.

[pull_quote_left]As expected, Dyshawn Pierre played the most complete game out of anyone on the floor. The sophomore dropped 16 points, grabbed 12 boards (5 offensive) and basically ran around with an air of invincibility.[/pull_quote_left]The primary focus, of course, was on the newcomers, specifically Scoochie Smith and Jordan Sibert. Smith seems to have the skill set that most highly regarded point guards posses coming into college: an already commanding presence with the ball in his hands and an unsteady perimeter game. I’d assume Scooch will defer offensively to guys like Pierre, Sibert and Sanford for much of the season, which suits me just fine. The freshman finished with five assists and didn’t turn the ball over in 19 minutes of consistent play. It would appear that Smith has the edge on Khari Price as far as the starting nod at the point is concerned.

Sibert could be a game-changer for a program like Dayton.  He’s a wing that can take some pressure off of Pierre and attack defenses in a variety of ways. Sibert appeared to pick his spots and didn’t lack confidence in his shot. The Ohio State transfer was hot early and finished the game leading all scorers with 17 points. (Side note: I really wanted the pronunciation of his last name to be “Seabear.” That was selfish of me. He’s Sigh-bert).

As expected, Dyshawn Pierre played the most complete game out of anyone on the floor. The sophomore dropped 16 points, grabbed 12 boards (5 offensive) and basically ran around with an air of invincibility.  We need to get pregnant to make sure Pierre sticks around, he’s good.  Devin Oliver was solid as well, doing his usual poor man’s Chris Johnson impression – 10 points, 8 boards.

In sum, this team will likely go as far as the frontcourt allows. Robinson, Kavanaugh and Scott (Pollard is still an unknown entity as far as I’m concerned) will need to improve upon last season’s lackluster interior defense and rebounding for the Flyers to stay competitive. UD was 2-7 in games it was outrebounded in last year, an area of the game the Flyers traditionally excelled in. The combination of Josh Benson’s sluggishness and Robinson/Scott’s lack of experience was one of the more glaring deficiencies defensively a year ago. With Kav back in the fold, and a year under the sophomore bigs’ belts, this is certainly an area that Flyers can, and should, improve upon.

  • Heard the intro to yesterday’s game was awful. I couldn’t really parse out the details, but consider that walking into UD Arena is like entering a time warp. It’s part of the charm, or so I’m told.
  • Devon Scott will be suspended for the rest of the exhibition season, here’s hoping he did some fun shit and that it was worth it.
  • The Findlay Oilers, at this point UD’s chief rival, come into the Sweater Centre for a good time on Saturday.

Tom Blackburn

Tom Blackburn is a proud U. o' D. alum. He loses faith in humanity one day at a time, but not in you, you seem like you are all kinds of alright. Charter member of the T-Man fanclub.

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