U. Dayton BasketballChampions Classic Reintroduced Until the Year 2019

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In the world of sports, the Champions Classic remains one of the most admired and enjoyable events for many basketball fans. The event takes account of four significant teams in college basketball, including the Michigan State Spartans, Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, and Duke Blue Devils. The latest news is that Kentucky has reached an agreement with the Champions Classic to extend their contract for an additional three years. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Champions Classic will play in Chicago, Indianapolis, and New York respectively. The UK Wildcats will remain part of the Champions Classic, which is a season-opening marquee event for College basketball. Latest college basketball lines indicate that the event has been renewed up to the 2019 season and will continue to pit the best against the best just as in the past six seasons.

The doubleheader series will continue to feature the Kentucky men’s basketball program, along with ESPN, Michigan, and Kansas State. Since its inception in the year 20ll, the Champions Classic has continued to revel college basketball fans. The first event was held in Madison Square Garden in which the Kentucky triumphed over Kansas with a 75-65 score line, and Michigan State succumbed to the prowess of Kansas. In the past five years, the opponents of the four teams have rotated, as several cities have also allowed fans to countrywide to watch the premier basketball actions.  

hi-res-985c0d6dbd06c64abe708884240d14f8_crop_northJohn Calipari, the UK head coach expressed his excitement saying it is an honor to remain part of the Champions Classic for an additional three years because, over the years, the event has developed into one of the best college basketball events in the national calendar. He supported his claims saying that bringing together four blueblood programs to play in a neutral ground and governed by NCAA rules creates a huge attraction. Fans all over the country always look forward to visiting the host cities to watch their young UK team battling out with experienced ones. This develops their skills and knowhow as they prepare for similar meeting in future, said Calipari.

The states of Chicago, Indianapolis, and New York will host the doubleheader event in 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. Furthermore, it will remain the final event of ESPN’s College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon, which usually broadcasts consecutive basketball matches for nearly 24 hours as a way of indicating the onset of a new season in college basketball. Madison Square Garden will host the sixth edition of the Champions Classic, scheduled for November 15. The opening game will be a 7 p.m. showdown between Kentucky and Michigan State followed by Kansas vs Duke half-an-hour after the conclusion of the first match.

The event includes three of four all-time favorite college basketball programs, with UK also involved. The top four schools have cumulatively won 18 NCAA championships, along with 57 Final Four appearances. The event has Kentucky’s all-time record at 3-2, including the 2014 triumph over fifth-placed Kansas with an unforgettable 72-40 score line to set off a 31-0 record during the regular season. The Champions Classic game with the most views took place in 2013 between Kentucky and Michigan State. Their encounter relegated the first regular season matchup between the first-placed Wildcats and the second-placed Spartans between the two favorite teams since 2008. During the 2015-16 season, the Kentucky vs Duke game was the most-watched game college basketball.

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