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At some point during your tenure at The University of Dayton, I am certain you found yourself in Timothy’s Bar and Grill pursuing sins of the flesh. First, you decide what color of Wall drink will be your undoing on that particular evening, then you swivel around to survey the scene in that familiar dungeon, which is anything but LOWD. A few more Walls would follow, and before you knew it, you were chatting it up with another creature of the night, uncertain of how you found yourself in the midst of the conversation. Wagonwheel comes on the speakers, some frat boys have made a circle to kinda-sing the words they kinda-know but kinda-don’t…and you recognize that it’s time to lead the creature back into the night to close the deal.

The moonlight hits and it has become very clear it was all a façade. The Walls have fooled you again. The 27-yr old townie pulls out a pack of Newports and begins talking of their home in South Park, you come to your senses, and make a quick dash up Lowes into the nearest friend’s house. The crisis is averted, and the next day you downplay what took place to re-establish your own credibility. The game we witnessed last night was much similar to this all-too-familiar scenario that has undoubtedly played out hundreds of times each weekend on the campus of UD. You had a feeling Richmond could be decent, but you also had a feeling the 5-0 record could be smoke and mirrors. I will let the late Dennis Green take it from here:

The Flyboys came out against the Spiders (why are they the Spiders you ask? I found out for you) and played their finest first half of the season in front of the obstinate RED sweaters who refused to be phased by the kiddies orchestrating a “white-out.” (note: if you’re going to have a white out, at the very least you need to give the grumpy bastards white t-shirts) The Flyers built an 11-point halftime lead on the back of a fantastic shooting performance, going 16-of-28 from the floor, highlighted by some truly unselfish play we had yet to see on full display this season. If you sprinkle in the consistent defensive effort we have become accustomed to (without Kyle last night), and the emergence of a few DURRELL three bombs, the Flyers are going to be on top more often than not.

God is dope indeed, Kyle

The second half was your classic Flyers bed-shitting for the first 10 minutes. They traded a few buckets to extend the lead as high as 14, only to completely fall asleep at the wheel and let the Spiders rattle off a 14-point advantage to tie the game at 45 with 12 minutes left. The tie was broken when the middle of the lane parted wider than the Red Sea, and John Crosby strolled his way in for a layup.

I bring up this particular sequence to highlight the fact that this is just about the only way John Crosby can actually score points for this team. After that bucket he did the Crosby-est thing he could think of: dribbled right into Richmond pressure, handed them the ball, and then got smoked back down the floor and watched Khwan Fore dunk right on his dumb head. Aside from TJ, Fore was actually very impressive for UR. He finished with 19 points (his season-high) on 8-of-9 shooting.

From that point forward, Scoochie and Co., had had just about enough of the bullshit. In the final 10 minutes of the game, UD outscored Richmond 28-12 en route to a comfy 75-59 win. In our 18 games this year, UD has outscored their opponent in the second half 17 times. UD’s first half scoring margin (avg) is +2.6, good enough for 103rd in the nation. Their second half scoring margin is +7.1, 19th in the country. In the end Richmond did a few things to keep it interesting, but you aren’t going to hang around in many games shooting 2-20 from downtown. Chinstrap Cline was impressive (as always) and finished with 21 points, 4 board and 4 dimes. UD pressured the shit out of him all night, and UR simply doesn’t have the horses to pick up the slack anywhere else on the roster. The RED sweaters went home happy, all is well in Gem City. On to the takes, I have 5 today:


Baby D finally whipped out his baby D on the offensive end last night, going 3-of-6 from the land of plenty and finishing with 11 points. However, the best part about DURRELL’S game continues to be his stellar on-ball defense. He was charged with the task of following Shawn’Dre Jones around all night in the absence of Kyle Davis and absolutely shined. Jones finished with 1 point (!!!) and was 0-for-9 from the field. That’s pretty damn good defense on a guy who hasn’t finished with less than 10 since November 22nd. Maybe our boy DURRELL is putting it altogether fam, stay tuned.

Scooch and Cooke

The nutsack of the team keeps swinging. Scooch got to the line at will, Cooke got the shots he wanted, when he wanted them. They finished with 15 and 17 respectively. Scoochie clocked 35 minutes, dished out 4 dimes and had ZERO turnovers. That’s the good stuff.

Old Man Mikesell

Every game Chip Mikesell is asked to do a bit of everything, and every game he seemingly does just that. His highlight of the night was a slick interception that he took directly to the other end of the floor and finished with ease. Mikesell won’t blow you away with any one part of his game, he just does a bunch of little things well that accumulate into good fundamental basketball. Every good ball club needs the token white guy, thanks Chip. Archie said after the game that the sweaters have “seen him grow up a bit” I couldn’t agree more.

Sam and Trey are going to be boys by the end of the season

The pine was lonely for the freshman so Sam decided to grab a permanent chair. He logged 2 minutes and has pretty obviously been passed up by just about everyone on the depth chart.

John Crosby needs to join them, immediately.

There’s just no other way to slice it: John Crosby isn’t helping this team. Every time he gets the ball you just feel nervous. In the last 4 games he has clocked 65 minutes and contributed 4 points, 6 boards and 9 turnovers. That’s flaming hot trash.

In the end this was yeoman’s type work from your Flyers. Five guys went into double figures, the boys shot 48% from the field, and went 21-26 from the line. Let’s forget the 14-0 run happened and just call this a good team effort against UR. Given the consistent defensive showing we’ve seen night-in and night-out, this kind of offensive output is pretty much always going to be enough to secure a W.

With the classic trap game in the rear-view mirror, the Flyers now look ahead to the grand Sunday showcase for the coveted Arch-Baron Cup. Keep those eyes peeled for a Blackburn Review Special Edition on The Cup, which will be coming at you this weekend. If you thought the general is taking The Cup lightly, think again. He is 100% not about the bullshit:

“But I’m going to tell you, we better be ready to go. They just beat George Mason last weekend on the road and I watched them play Duquesne all the way until the last minute. Every game is important and they all are the same in our mind.” – Archibald Miller

With all due respect to Arch, The Cup isn’t the same as any other game. He gets that, he’s just sandbagging, classic Ryan.

As is customary, I left room for your takes below. The rise of LOWD is upon us, be a part of the movement.


The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.


  • jed

    January 20, 2017 at 2:24 PM

    Kyle Davis might be tough, just not hockey tough.


  • T-Rex

    January 20, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    One paragraph in and I don’t know what “Walls” are and when did “Locals” start being called “Townies”?


    • Sully

      January 20, 2017 at 2:40 PM

      Walls are the signature beverage of Timothy’s Bar and Grill. There is also a large difference between locals and townies, its an important distinction.


  • T-Bolt

    January 20, 2017 at 3:34 PM

    Signs you are a mid-major:
    – You complain when teams you have beaten or lost to lose games to other opponents on their schedule thus “hurting our RPI”
    – You try to stuff the ballot box on a hack New Jersey website to try and get a recruit NJ.com player of the year.
    – You then congratulate him on finishing 9th is said poll because “he finished in the top 10”
    – Your fan base would trade a win or 2 as long as Archie moves on to the next round of the ESPN Infinity Coaches Challenge.
    – Your fanbase blames the officials for every loss
    – You have a fan that refers to himself as “Santa” to get attention
    – Your fanbase doesn’t realize that people outside of the 937 area code sometimes ask if Dayton is in Florida or if they are Division I
    – Your fans get excited when the arena gives out Lee’s chicken
    – Your fans leave early to beat the traffic even when they are losing or in a close game
    – Your fans want you to bring back the “Let’s get ready to rumble” intro circa 1996
    – Your fans complain the music is too loud
    – Your fans think anyone gives a shit you outdraw A10 teams on the road
    – Your postgame court reporters where 2001 Space Odyssey headsets
    – You sold airtime to 1-800-GOT-JUNK when you have a blocked shot
    – Your TV coverage struggles to be HD
    – You have a hack message board journalist that posts “linky goodness” and schools people 30 years younger at the local YMCA during pickup games
    – Your fans didn’t believe Twitter that your center died and needed to see “an official press release”
    – You track benchwarmers in the NBA with their own thread pointing out there 2 points they got last night in a game
    – Your fanbase doesn’t believe Las Vegas oddsmakers when your are an underdog


    • Anonymous

      January 20, 2017 at 10:21 PM

      Your game broadcasted on ESPNU had the announcers calling the game from Orlando on a TV screen


    • Kramer

      January 20, 2017 at 11:27 PM


      Real original. I get that ripping on Dayton can be fun but facts are facts. Dayton does draw real crowds. Would you enjoy it more if there were 100 ticket paying customers and the 100 underprivileged kids with free tickets and Tshirts in the upper deck?

      Understand the real struggles Of a mid major. This storylines is old as shit.

      Here are actual mid major issues.
      Your teams has less fans show up than a high school girls game

      Will we sell enough old hotdogs to employ our 90 year old usher.

      The only sign in the crowd was made by the walk on’s mom

      You don’t have TV or internet coverage..instead you are stuck trying to figure out which illegal Internet link is porn and which is will show your team

      Your team is half compromised of white guys.

      This is shit worth complaining about

      Tbolt should check out a game at Manhattan or the Oakland Collesium (bad example?). There are places (Wright state?) where fans literally go to die.

      I’m not the biggest game day experience fab but come on.

      Go jerk off in a napkin and leave everyone alone.

      Boo hoo I said i


  • Legend of Rory Dollinghouse

    January 21, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    I always wondered why the BUZZ PHRASE is GET LOWD. It would be more clever if it were……..GET LoUD??. My Flyer Honors degree taught me that??


    • Sully

      January 21, 2017 at 1:38 PM

      No, it wouldn’t be more clever.


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