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Sully2 years ago45 min

It feels good to be back in the saddle thinking and daydreaming about the upcoming Flyers season. As of this writing we are just over ten weeks away from opening night against Ball State, so we here at the Blackburn Review are going to do a little something cool for you, our loyal (albeit slightly degenerate) readers:

Each week we will pick one of the boys on the roster this year and give you a profile on them in 1000 words or less to help you get to know the fresh faces that have now made their way to campus for the new school year. Since there’s eleven boys to profile, and ten Friday’s between now and November 10th, our boy DURRELL will get squeezed in last to begin game-week in November. We’ll start with the freshmen and work our way up from there until we reach the lone senior on the roster.

The roster has been updated recently (freshman without pictures yet), and you can find that here:

The goal here will be to get to know our team a little better, since this is arguably the most question marks we have had going into a season in about a decade.

What we do know? There are a lot of holes to fill with a truckload of inexperience. Just about the only thing we can confirm right now is that you’re going to see a lot of Josh and X down low, but after that, the question marks are plenty. Despite the message board hypothesizing and bar stool prognosticating, no one is really sure what we’re going to see out of Kostas, and I don’t think anyone can tell you with certainty what this group of guards will look like come November.

With that being said, it bears repeating that this is the longest team I can ever remember for the Dayton Flyers (maybe the teams with Keith and Finn? idk). A first glance at the new roster reveals we will have six players at 6’7″ or better, (seven if you would include Chip Mikesell) and only one scholarship player under 6’3″. This all but guarantees matchup nightmares in conference play, but the jury is out on whether this translates into positive results. Of course, January is far enough away that you shouldn’t count out the possibility of UD losing 3-4 more players on their roster for stealing cafeteria trays, or lighting a Beavercreek bar on fire, or whatever the kids are into these days. In this age of UD basketball, we have come to expect the very worse. No roster is safe.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not briefly address the awkward, 6 foot, 9 inch, white elephant in the room that is Sam Miller. If you have listened to any of the summer podcasts (not sure why you would), you would have heard us weighing in on the differences between addressing this issue from a personal vs. basketball perspective. Given the insight I have into our audience here at BBR, my guess is that you have done some extremely dumb shit whilst intoxicated at least once in your godforsaken life. I can also deduce that you probably:

1. Didn’t have the entire thing recorded on camera
2. Weren’t among one of the most public faces at the university you attended
3. Weren’t attending said university on a full ride.

Obviously, reasons two and three are specifically why this drunken episode escalated to the magnitude that it did in regards to national media coverage. We will say it repeatedly, and this certainly will not be the last time: college basketball is a business, a BIG business. While it’s convenient and heart-warming to say, “Give Sammy a second chance,” that’s not realistic in this case, and lends itself to the discussion I alluded to above. With the amount of nonsense and jackassery that has followed this program around for the better part of five years now, UD could not afford another black eye when it comes to handling the punishment of basketball players.

Now, having said that, this is not the type of event that should get you kicked out of school. Having an opportunity to earn your degree and enjoying the privilege to earn that degree on a full basketball scholarship are two entirely different things, and I think the way UD handled this situation highlights the juxtaposition of those scenarios.

We can certainly be scoundrels here at BBR, but I do wish Sam Miller the best in life and basketball as he contemplates his next step, wherever that may be. No one reading this article is above getting absolutely shitfaced and doing something stupid, however the severity of your stupidity may have been on a slightly lesser scale.

This has been your “1000 words or less” post to get us going. Check back in on Friday, I’ve been waiting to write an article on Matej for months.

It’s only August, but keeping wearing Red and, for God sake, stay LOWD.


The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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I look forward to your review. Is it possible to get rid of Archie’s photo above ? its so last year

Yellow Shirt Guy
Yellow Shirt Guy

Surely someone has at least a clue or rumor about Kostas’ health status? As to conjecture about how he may be an NBA lottery pick, I’ll quote the big black security guard at UD Arena 15 years ago commenting on a former Flyer: “You know how I know he ain’t that good? Because if he was that good, he wouldn’t be at Dayton.”

Mount McKinley - fuck Wright
Mount McKinley - fuck Wright

Keep this crap! What about the annual Sexploytation article, aren’t we as good as Harvard… WTF!!!!!!!!!