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Nothing says college basketball is here like people pretending to be offended by Halloween costumes and the relaunch of Swampy’s favorite website, Its’ proprietor, Ken Pomeroy, who is credited with the creation of tempo-based statistics, has released his pre-season projections — and if you’re a UD fan, they ain’t rosy (although somewhere Anthony Grant is muttering “I told these motherfuckers” while watching game tapes from southeastern Florida high-schools).

Below is Kenny’s first theoretical stab at what we can expect from our Flyers this season:

16-12, 10-8. Fucking yikes. It’s quite clear that Sam Miller’s absence has resulted in dire consequences for the men in Red and Blue. If you add up the actual wins/losses, it would seem that Pomeroy actually has UD going 19-9 overall and 12-6 in league play. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this discrepancy, but I majored in Political Science which means I don’t have the attention span, or attention to detail, required to siphon out an answer. For our purposes, let’s just meet halfway in the middle and call it a day.

Please note, trusted reader, that Pomeroy’s prediction does not include two games from this November’s Charleston Classic in his prognostication (likely against two of the following squadrons: Clemson, Temple or Auburn), and I’d have to assume that KP would have Dayton down as losers in those two tilts. Regardless, without seeing a single minute of this year’s squad I can’t take much issue with any of the projected losses, it seems like a fair assessment just based on what little we do know about this upcoming season’s roster.

Remember, as my aunt used to say, basketball isn’t played on paper, if it was there’d be a lot more Asians. #BeNormal

Tom Blackburn

Tom Blackburn is a proud U. o' D. alum. He loses faith in humanity one day at a time, but not in you, you seem like you are all kinds of alright. Charter member of the T-Man fanclub.


  • Son of Sam

    October 23, 2017 at 8:44 PM

    How do we get the ball over half court??? We may have the worst backcourt in the solar system. Crosby is a disaster and Durrel can’t dribble a lick. This is going to be a wild ride at best.


  • Lucas Hawks

    November 3, 2017 at 3:24 PM

    I’m surprised you think it is a guarantee Clemson beats Ohio. I think the Bobcats will win that game.


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