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Hey, Gang!  The 2017-2018 basketball season is quickly approaching, and while we are all familiar with the raucous confines of The Sweater Centre; many Flyer Fanatics will cheer on UD on the road.  Whether you plan on checking out the mid-major action in Charleston, Pittsburgh or St. Louis, we’ve got you covered!  The 2017-18 Blackburn Review Travel Companion is your guide to the best and worst destinations for this year’s road slate.

Charleston, SC

November 16 – 19

Lovingly called “Chucktown” by locals; Charleston, once synonymous with slave markets and sedition, has reinvented itself as a charming Southern locale.  Located on Charleston Harbor and just a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is a popular destination known for its world-class dining scene, beautiful architecture, and the Gildan Charleston Classic!

Pedicabs driven by trust-fund fuckups, grown men with Bama bangs, and a bar on every block; Old Charleston has it all.  You can stumble your way from bar to bar before you make your way to TD Arena for a “Holiday Tournament” only a player could love.  The line-up leaves a lot to be desired, but that is even more reason to take in everything else this wonderful city has to offer.

PSA: If any of you readers have a son in college, be the parent of the century and send him down to Charleston one summer to work some bullshit summer job and sow his oats.  The women down there are absolutely gorgeous.  Seriously, UD Santa is going to be sporting wood the entire weekend.

Charleston has a something for everyone: Racist ghost enthusiasts can embark on Haunted Charleston tours, horse fetishists can take in the sights on a carriage ride, and alcoholics will find no shortage of drinking establishments in which to get pickled before watching some hardcore action at TD Arena.  Hell, even people who like to eat are going to find themselves surrounded by downright tasty dining options.

Below you will find venue info, a few cool places as well as some stuff to help you sound like a local.  Feel free to share any other suggestions in the comments.

TD Arena

TD Arena Facts:

  • Capacity: 5,100 people
  • Home of former A10 Member; The College of Charleston Cougars
  • Has Palm Trees Outside
  • Close to lots of great bars, restaurants, and other cool stuff
  • Hootie and the Blowfish still play there
  • South Carolinians LOVE Hootie and the Blowfish, so be sure to mention them often

Best Bar: Blind Tiger

Best Restaurant: Husk

Best Tourist Attraction: Magnolia Plantation

Most Famous Local: Darius Rucker

Hottest Local: Lauren Hutton

Local Delicacy: She-Crab Soup



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