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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Dayton is a Catholic school so get your “Happy Holidays” out of my face, you hear? Last night I went to a high school reunion house party and those assholes had kegs of GL Christmas Ale. I didn’t know those were legal. Therefore, today I’m watching the game from the comfort of my bro’s home in Cleveland, next to his Great Dane named Eddie. We’re going to...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Dayton is a Catholic school so get your “Happy Holidays” out of my face, you hear? Last night I went to a high school reunion house party and those assholes had kegs of GL Christmas Ale. I didn’t know those were legal. Therefore, today I’m watching the game from the comfort of my bro’s home in Cleveland, next to his Great Dane named Eddie. We’re going to live blog this thang and see how she holds up.


  • Nice of us to win a tip-off, which naturally ended up with no points and the ball going the other way.
  • Why is Obi still not starting? Can’t we just commit to trying it for a few games in a row and see what happens?
  • GA Southern coming out with a press – but we’re going at it head-on. Nice to see Crutcher just throwing the ball at the rim (Obi/Josh) instead of trying to get cute with it. Keep It Simple, Stupid.
  • The first 10 minutes have been at an absolute snail’s pace. Haven’t seen the Fly Boyz start this slow in a long time, and that’s saying something. I’ll never understand how you get an NBA-style intro with 13,000 LOWD fans and come out flat..
  • Josh hits his first 3 shots, our only 6 points thus far.
  • Former LaSalle coach Dr. John is on the game commentary today. Nice to have someone who knows the A10 better than most for once. But if his partner says “Day-ten” one more time, I’m going to shoot myself.
  • Georgia Southern is up 15-11 at the first media timeout, 14:12 left in the half.
  • Did we decide to opt-out of playing defense in the paint today? GA Southern is literally doing an Irish jig in there every time they come down with the ball. I lost count of how many layups they easily tossed in with 3 defenders just standing there.
  • Nice to see Frankie get in the game when we’re down 4, yet not see a minute in games we’re up by 50. Grant’s usage of him continues to baffle us all.
  • Florida transfer Chase Johnson is sitting behind the Dayton bench. 6-9 redshirt Freshman forward from West Virginia, was a 4-star recruit and top 100 in the nation. Say a prayer, but for Christ’s sake don’t Tweet the kid.
  • And speaking of Frankie, why in Christ’s holy name is he posting up down low? That’s the best set we can draw up, even on the fly? Reminds me of my trip to Vegas a few years ago when I was on the pool deck at TAO trying to get a drink, when I accidentally ended up in the line for the “Teach Me How To Dougie” dance competition. Wasn’t allowed to move until I “danced” in front of a few thousand people. Never been so confused or scared in my life. Helen Keller would have looked better.
  • We traded blows most of the half, but the last few minutes have been much better, with Dayton going on a nice little 8-0 run and taking advantage of Southern’s turnovers. Got our fair share of Obi dunks, especially a nice one where he got his own miss and slammed it back down. We’re in the locker room up 13, score 47-34.
  • Nice to see Cohill get in and drain a 3.
  • Josh is feasting on this press, even with GA Southern changing their defense up a bit towards the end – but he’s our leading scorer for now with 19; Davis and Crutcher with 8 and 6, respectively.
  • We shot a dismal 3-13 from behind the arch, committed 9 turnovers, and shot 54% from the field.
  • Southern had 10 turnovers, was 3-11 from deep, and 45% from the field.
  • Mikesell: 2 points. 0-4 from deep. Trey: 6 rebounds.
  • First halftime thought: is Grant’s suit brown or olive? Very confused on today’s choice.
  • Second halftime thought: Butler still hasn’t scored 9 minutes into their game against Florida, down 21-0 at the time of this typing. That win was fun while it lasted!


  • Dayton still up 13 points with 16 minutes left
  • Trey finally seems to be keen on showing his offensive rebound abilities (2nd in A10 by the way), by cleaning up the trash down low. Sadly, he’s still attempted 2 shots from deep so far. Baby steps.
  • Trey is also taking advantage of Tookie Brown trying to defend him down low (who is 5’11”), calling for the ball twice and converting each time.
  • Southern currently outscoring us by 5 in the second half with 13 minutes to go. Chipping away at the lead a bit, Dayton 58 Southern 50.
  • Still only 2 points for Mikesell. Not his best showing this afternoon.
  • Southern’s 6th man Jones is up to 15 with a boatload of 3’s. Kid has ICE in his veins.
  • MIKESELL NAILED A 3! 9:30 left, Dayton up 69-61.
  • Referees are going to the monitor to check if Trey committed a flagrant on a chase down block. Not even remotely close.
  • Jackson for GA Southern up to 20 points. Kid has been money from deep and down low, and damn good on the defensive end.
  • Yep, announcer still saying “Day-ten” every other sentence.
  • Spoke too soon again: Trey now has a trey in this game.
  • Media timeout with 7:30 left; Dayton up 9.
  • My LORD, Obi with a between-the-legs dunk. And to no one’s surprise, a quick 3-pointer on the other end to respond.
  • Yeah, Grant wasn’t too pleased with Obi on that one – only up 7 points here.
  • Obi now up to 20 points on the afternoon
  • In typical Dayton fashion, its a 3 point game with 3 minutes to go
  • And then a dunk by Carter puts GA Southern within 1 point, 85-84 Dayton.
  • 7-1 run by Georgia Southern was stopped by a bucket from Josh, which was then answered with another bucket by Tookie Brown.
  • JORDAN DAVIS FINALLY FOUND JESUS AND MAKES A TREY and we’re back up 4, timeout with just under 2 minutes left.
  • Two point game with 13 seconds left, Southern fouled Crutcher and he makes both. Dayton 92-88.
  • Quick set by Southern ends with a slam by Jackson. Back to a 2 point game with 6.9 (nice) seconds left. Timeout Dayton.
  • If we blow this game, I will blow my head off.
  • Mikesell inbound to Crutcher who was instantly fouled, half a second off the clock.
  • Crutcher makes both foul shots to ice the game
  • MIKESELL WITH THE BIG BLOCK (that should have been a foul) ON THE OTHER END! That’ll make up for today, Chip. 94-90 final score.
  • Josh and Obi led our scorers with 25 and 22, Crutcher put up 17, and Trey was a point away from a double-double.

Not the prettiest performance today but we’re finally the hell out of our non-conference schedule. If anyone can explain/finds out why Josh was NOT on the floor for the last couple minutes of that game, please call me direct on my cell.

Next up is Richmond and the #FireMooneyMafia on January 6th. Happy New Year, stay safe, don’t drive, and remain LOWD. And thanks Jablo for the media as always.

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Odds on Obi transferring after this season?


Zero. He just sat out a year. Think he want to rest again??

The Legend of Nerve Giddins
The Legend of Nerve Giddins

It just became official ….Obi Toppings is the greatest dunker in UD Basketball history. Andrew Gaydosh included


Obi could try out the NBA like Cooke did after his Junior year. If he is successful and leaves that would set Flyer hoops back because we would lose Obi-Josh simultaneously. Chip, Trey, Jordan, Crutcher, Cohill, Frankie and Matos can run around but we will be weak in the paint without Obi. This is the year to sneak into the Dance. A10 isn’t strong. Flyers are A10 top 4 in NET, KenPom and ESPN BPI . Like it or not Policelli/Westerfield will need to contribute at least 6-7 minutes a game to keep legs fresh and Chip needs to hit… Read more »