PodcastU. Dayton BasketballBBR Podcast Episode 10: Talking V.C.U with M.A.T

Sully3 months ago21 min

The founders Blackburn and Donny make a triumphant return to the podcastin’ life to talk VCU hoops with Dayton’s favorite VCU fan, Mat Shelton-Eide.

The boys start out on a virtuous path of talking about the conference as a whole, and reflect on how much fuel has been added to the VCU-UD rivalry over the last 5 years. They dig into the specifics behind programs such as St Joes and LaSalle, and where they’re headed for the future, before highlighting how UD and VCU have separated themselves from the proverbial pack.

Because Donny is back, pop culture is discussed. Mat comes ready with a hot or not, and Dayton fans are wrongfully slandered in the Hot Take of the Week. Mat has a musical ode to take the listeners out, and the cast wraps up just over an hour.

Wear Red, be LOWD



The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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I love your efforts to stir a heated / hated rivalry. I was at the game we won in 2015 with my UD garb on. Everyone was too damn nice. Wanting to be all nice and chatty. They damn outta be Canadians.

Kid Flyer

Tori from VCU would have been a good ‘Hot or Not?’ this week.