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Hey, Gang!  The 2018-19 season is in full-swing, and while we are all familiar with the raucous confines of The Sweater Centre; many Flyer Fanatics will cheer on UD on the road.  Whether you plan on checking out the mid-major action in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, St. Louis or Olean, we’ve got you covered!  The 2019 Blackburn Review Travel Companion is your guide to the best and worst destinations for this year’s road slate.

Richmond, VA

January 16th 

Richmond, Virginia is the 98th most populous city in the United States of America and Virginia Confederate University, is the 430th ranked college according to Forbes.  Long before the City and University reached their respective standing, they held the distinction of being ranked number one for far more dubious reasons.

Prior to Richmond being named the capital city of the Confederate States of America – it took a confederacy of geniuses to come up with that name – its citizenry lived in peace and prosperity.  Richmond was the manufacturing capital of The South and the hydropower of the James River allowed for iron works and flour mills to fuel the city’s economy.  Of course, when the labor force is comprised of slaves, it probably wasn’t hard to turn a profit.

Chattel slavery and the overall horrible conditions that African Americans were subjected to in Richmond through the Jim Crow Era are still apparent today, notably with the city’s most popular tourist attraction, The Museum of The Confederacy.  White supremacists from around the country and regional racists visit the museum to celebrate their heritage of owning humans as property.  While more refined Southerners will argue that the secession was a “state’s rights” issue, but educated people know that Richmond, and its brothers in arms, wanted slavery expanded into the ever-growing American West.  When that was rejected, they took their slaves and went home, forming the Confederacy and shortly afterwards named Richmond their capital.

Virginia Commonwealth University – known throughout the state as Virginia Cracker University, and throughout the rest of the country as Virginia Confederate University – was founded as The Medical College of Virginia.  They performed medical experiments on slaves and poor white people as well.  This work allowed the Medical College to become The South’s premier healthcare provider for slave owners and their defenders.  If you weren’t a landowner in pre-war Richmond, it was a good idea to steer clear of Virginia Medical College.

During the War, the school was paramount in aiding the cause of owning black people as property.  All the old buildings on campus – the ones that don’t look like a 21st century mall – were built by slaves.  Hundreds of men, women and children died constructing its campus.  It wasn’t until 1968 that VCU was formed.  Like so many great colleges, VCU will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

Despite its lurid history, VCU has become a diverse institution.  Whether you are a morbidly obese opera singer or an autistic PR major, you will find a place at VCU.

As a commuter school, VCU didn’t have its own basketball gym until the turn of the century.  They subsequently built a 7,000 seat high school field house style facility outside of which a homeless encampment has been known to spring up, so keep your wallets in your front pockets.

UD Santa and Beret Man had better keep an eye out when they are inside the Will Wade Arena because VCU’s fans are an interesting bunch.  Their former band leader was outed as a male stripper by his employer (another fan) and was thusly relieved from his duties.  A large portion of the fan base, including Ram Guy and a chick who posts dozens of mirror selfies on twitter, blame the strip club manager and the band leader’s firing for the commuter school’s fair weather fan base.  These people believe that their cheering, or lack thereof, influences the outcome of games.

Stay safe if you are heading to the game, Flyers Fans.  You can feel the animosity in the air in Richmond and it isn’t between VCU grads and their jealousy of the “snobs” from U Richmond.  It is the legacy of the treasonous bastards and the human beings they owned.  Put succinctly, Richmond is fucked.

As always, wear RED and be LOWD.


Will Wade Arena at The Stuart Siegel Center

  • Capacity: 7,637
  • Home of the Virginia Confederate University Fighting Jefferson Davises
  • Resembles a high school field house.
  • Features auxiliary hoops and stored-away foldable tables and chairs.
  • The Arena is named after former coach Will “The Clemson Cuck” Wade

Best Bar: Capital Ale House

Best Restaurant: Edo’s Squid

Most Popular Tourist Attraction: Museum of the Confederacy

Most Famous Alumni: GWAR

Hottest Alumnae: Lisa Opie

Local Delicacy: Boiled Possum




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The Legend of Steve Pitts-man
The Legend of Steve Pitts-man

by the way…….what John Crosby did at the end of the first half vs Duquesne has made the UD TOP 3 MOST SHAMEFUL EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN MODERN BASKETBALL HISTORY……… up with George Morrision crapping his pants with no time left on clock down one at free throw line vs #1 Depaul in 1982………AND……..Dyshawn Pierre losing his shorts in front of 13,000 people and a live TV audience

Angry John
Angry John

At least Pierre losing his pants was funny. I remember Morrison missing those free throws. First, he had a wide open lay up. For a brief second we thought we had the upset , but flying from the foul line came Terry Cummings. Two, Morrison was a nervous wreck at the foul line. He looked like a kid that had to piss. Third, was Velvet at the sideline shaking his head and bitching at Morrison for missing the foul shots. So many painful memories watching this team over the years.


You know who misses Crosby? Fordham… and Umass and VCU and Richmond and the Bonnie’s and…….
A complete fucking miss by Archie. Actually that whole class, yes including Mikesell… who would not start had we any alternative. Bet he doesn’t next year as a senior.


Regional racist, that’s funny ass shit brother