Hello Friends! I’m back again to recap the recap of the loss to George Mason. It was an unfortunate outcome, but I left the Arena wondering how the Horde would blame Coach Grant for the starting backcourt shooting 0.192% from the field. I may have hit the rumble strips a couple of times heading east on I-70 looking at twitter on my phone. Overall, the Horde wasn’t terrible (I mean, they’re all terrible but you know what I mean).

Onto the recap…

Title:                    The Cold Feeling Of Disappointment
Author:                Drewby
Grade:                  B


Let me start with a question:  Is Drewby even old enough to buy alcohol legally? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it kind of insulting that someone so young thinks they’ve played, coached or watched enough basketball to tell ME about how the game went. Shame on Tom Blackburn for bringing this child into the fold. If I wanted this kind of inexperienced “coverage” I would follow the teen terrors Grant Kelly and Matt Allaire at Flyer Faithful (don’t worry, I don’t). Enough about these youngsters, back to the recap.

Drewby starts off talking about how he hates the cold. Hey, I can relate to that. I hate the cold as well, because you can’t golf in this weather. Shockingly, Drewby didn’t lay blame on Coach in his opener. Color me shocked.

Drewby’s recap of the game itself was actually fair and balanced (again, shocked) and, dare I say, somewhat professional. I didn’t appreciate the knock on the fans being quiet, because my ears were still ringing when I pulled up to my place from the Flyer Fanatics. Maybe Drewby was wearing ear plugs? We may never know. Otherwise, a solid retelling of the game action.

On another note, it’s a good thing my friend Ghost and I didn’t bet on this last night because Drewby blew away the over:

This is a great segue into the next part of the recap, the Hickory Bar B-Q Hot Take. But in this case, it was more of a cold turd.

In the words of Moe Sizlack, “WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!” Didn’t watch the replay until the next day? Mason wanted it more? Maybe watch the replay again Drewby, because the idea that an Anthony Grant coached team didn’t want it enough is ridiculous when your “shooters” go 5/26 from the field.

Moving along, Drewby recovered well after his hot take cold turd and got back to unbiased non-Grant bashing game coverage. Overall, I agree with Drewby’s opinion that Josh Cunningham has to be more aggressive. At least last night he didn’t try to do too much and travel on multiple post ups. Maybe Ryan Perryman could pay a visit to the Donoher Center and teach Josh a few things about exerting your will down low.

Drewby fairly covered the struggles of the final four minutes, but not without completely bashing criticizing Coach. Personally, I think the struggles at the end of games comes down to the Jacks and Joes not Xs and Os. But tell that to the Horde, who seem to forget Grant is working with six 7 guys. Other than the unfair critique of Coach, this paragraph was fine. It improved quickly with the inclusion of a tweet by UD’s own John Bedell:

Folks, let me tell you that this is a REAL newsman! Not only does he not report FAKE NEWS like most of the BBR staff, but he also hosts Flyer Feedback at Flanagan’s after home games. And unlike a certain “contributor” to this site, he’s a pro that doesn’t flip out if you disagree with him on twitter. Keep up the great work, John!

The trend of me nearly having a heart attacks continued when Drewby wrapped up the recap with POSITIVES. Yes, you read that right. The idiots guys at Blackburn Review actually posted positive thoughts after a loss. Although I did hear that Drewby is friends with Ryan Mikesell (can you say “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” because I sure can) so I don’t know if that’s real analysis or just a handjob handshake between friends. Either way, I agree with him that Ryan has been a steady force. I’d like to see Mikesell with the ball in his hands more, especially since he played some PG in high school. Dwayne Cohill’s emergence was nice to see, and I agree with Drewby that I’d like to see him get some more run.

Overall, a pretty good recap by Drewby. I still don’t like that someone as young as him is telling seasoned basketball coaches, players and watchers like me about basketball but he’s a decent wordsmith.  As for the Horde, they seemed to be split on blaming His Royal Highness Coach Grant and the teenage boys that deserved the blame. Maybe the split has something to do with the fact that their leader, a “contributor” to this site, seems to be wavering a little on his “FIRE ANTHONY GRANT TODAY!” stance…

It’s off to the Bronx this weekend. I for one know Coach will have the boys ready for Rose Hill. Go Flyers!

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the Ombudsman's Ombudsman
the Ombudsman's Ombudsman

Congratulations on keeping your persona as fresh and relevant as Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report.” Neither of them ever get old. Also appreciate your judicious use of the strikethrough by limiting its use to every other sentence. (If I was smart enough, I would have been able to type “every single [strikethrough] .. other sentence.”)

Otherwise, C+