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Don Donoher3 months ago51 min

I was told that if I didn’t write one recon or recap in 12 months, my BR stock would be frozen and I would have to host at least one podcast a week. So here is my yearly contribution.

***Spoiler alert. I did not watch a second of this game. What is ESPN+? So this recap is coming to you from what I saw in the boxscore.

1.) We didn’t lose to Fordham.
2.) We had 4 players score in double figures.
3.) Fordham is fucking dog shit. Kick them to the MEAC.
4.) Frankie played…what the hell? 19 minutes? Strange for someone who won’t be on the team next year.
5.) Fordham shot 30% from the field and was out rebounded 46-30. They are terrible.
6.) Also terrible? Trey Landers and his 3 point shooting this year.
7.) Fordham might go 0-18 in the conference. They are terrible.
8.) Cunningham was a beast and even though Fordham is terrible, it’s frustrating to see him not put up a double double every game.
9.) Fordham shot better than Dayton at the line. So they didn’t suck there. But they still suck.
10.) We didn’t lose to Fordham.

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Kid Flyer

Since this recap is a bit short and sharp, how about adding in the ‘Ms. Angie Says’ posts made during the game to fill in the gaps _____


Any team that gets out-rebounded by the box-out-averse 2019 Flyers is fucking dog shit. But thanks for the road win. We wouldn’t want to be the only A10 team not to get one.


Fordham is in the Patriot conference for their other sports,but I’m guessing the A-10 money they get from basketball funds the athletic department. They always blow, Rose hill blows, they feed from the a-10 teat !

Grant's Charge
Grant's Charge

Can you guys hire Ms. Angie please…good grief.

The Legend of Cris Wrong
The Legend of Cris Wrong

Fordham hasn’t been good since Top- Alum Vin Scully was a very young boy hoping to grow up and broadcast games for the hometown Brooklyn Dodgers….Also perhaps maybe possibly Coach Grant was showcasing Frankie P for the Rams Hometown Transfer Portal???