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Hey, Gang!  The 2018-19 season is in full-swing, and while we are all familiar with the raucous confines of The Sweater Centre; many Flyer Fanatics will cheer on UD on the road.  Whether you plan on checking out the mid-major action in the Bronx, Pittsburgh or St. Louis, we’ve got you covered!  The 2019 Blackburn Review Travel Companion is your guide to the best and worst destinations for this year’s road slate.

Kingston, RI

February 9th

Kingston, Rhode Island, is a small village located within South Kingstown.  In 1722, Kings Towne was divided into North Kingstown and South Kingstown, when New World hipsters decided that adding an “e” at the end of words was something that only those losers back home would do.

This was a time when locals were still a little uncomfortable about the actions of their fathers during the Great Swamp Fight, when South Kingstown was the site of the mass slaughter of hundreds of Native women and children.  The area is likely haunted and history buffs can visit the battle site, which is described, quite erotically by Wikipedia as such; “The battle site is commemorated by a rough granite shaft about twenty feet high. Around the mound on which the shaft stands are four granite markers engraved with the names of the colonies which took part in the battle.”

Like any good New England town, Kingston and its surrounding area are flush with historic villages.  UD Santa can ogle young maidens churning butter and hulking men forging iron using traditional methods.  Bring the kids, they will be bored out of their minds, but can likely purchase tri-corner hats and replica muskets.  No childhood is complete without a photo in the stocks.

There are several art galleries in South Kingstown and Beret Man will surely enjoy browsing the vast selection of nudes while pondering if the flower is a vagina.

Rhode Island, as a whole, is a very Italian state and I assume that URI’s student body reflects this, so keep an eye out for any Guidos and Guidettes among the dozens of students in attendance.  Italians’ olive-hued skin has a way of looking grey during the winter months, so don’t be alarmed if you think you see some black-haired zombies in the Ryan Center.

Much like UMASS, URI is a state school in the Northeast, so all of the students are slightly embarrassed that they go there.  What’s up with there being good state schools scattered around the rest of the country, but there are none east of Pennsylvania?

Anyway, the reason people are hitting up Kingston is to watch the Fly Boys in a Saturday matinee.  Rhode Island is known for being the smallest state and their dog shit fan base takes that to heart, as their paltry attendance shows.  They would do well to emulate their superiors at Providence College, they might learn a thing or two.

As always, WARE RED and BE LOWD.

Thomas M. Ryan Center

  • Capacity: 7,657
  • Home of the University of Rhode Island Rams
  • Rarely sells out
  • Hosts concerts & is attached to the football stadium, that is also after Thomas M. Ryan

Best Bar: Mews Tavern (Features 69 beers on tap)

Best Restaurant: Tilly’s Cheesesteaks

Most Popular Tourist Attraction: Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park

Most Famous Alumnus: Michael Flynn

Hottest Alumnae: Allison Paganetti

Local Delicacy: Stuffies


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Tom Blackburn
Solid Contributor

Stuffies look fucking phenomenal.

The Legend of Andy Meijer
The Legend of Andy Meijer

I bet Williams and Pearce really enjoyed reading this article about what Kingston WOULD have been like for them.

400 Level Commenter

I went to the game, the place was packed and loud. If Rhode Island brings that pressure defense to the dance they could go a few rounds for sure.

Matt William Smith
Matt William Smith

Have you given up on this season just like the Flyers? Nothing since the Rhode Island game?


They gave up on this season like Williams did 8 weeks in.