PodcastBBR Podcast Episode 14: The Arch Baron Cast

The boys are back after a week off to talk Arch Baron Cup
Sully7 months ago11 min

After a week off because of a failed attempt to podcast, the boys are back to talk Dayton hoops!

Blackburn and Drew run the show with the absence of the rest of the gang to breakdown the win at Davidson, before setting their sights on predictions for the ever-important, Arch Baron Cup. Grievances are aired, expectations are made known, and Blackburn’s outwardly expresses his distaste for the rest of the regular season before the Flyers head to Brooklyn.

In an attempt to stay as mid-major as possible, Sully records an interview smack in the middle of the cast that Drew and Blackburn have absolutely no prior knowledge of, to finally highlight the SLU fans that have alluded us all these years. We rarely do firsts on the BBR Podcast, but a guest from that school down I-70 certainly qualifies.

The boys wrap up with their Emmy award-winning segments, and Blackburn flips young Drew’s opinion in regards to a questionably gorgeous thespian.

As always, if you’re curious to learn more about this illustrious rivalry, head over to ArchBaronCup.com to get educate yourself.

Wear Red, Be LOWD, The Cup is almost upon us.




The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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Kid Flyer

RE: Hot Take. I think Trey is going to still find quality minutes next year but it will be coming off the bench. I think he will get more than 10 min. though, due to his energy and leadership when he is on. I think? I was actually trying to piece together the lineup for next year and it is quite scary potentially. You’ve got to think Watson and Johnson will be in the starting lineup with Sissoko and Toppin if he is still here. Mikesell starting until Johnson eligible. Will Chatman challenge Crutcher? Will Jordan Davis even be back… Read more »