Off-SeasonPodcastU. Dayton BasketballBBR Podcast Off-Season Episode #1: Choppin It Up With the Walk-Ons

Podcasting doesn't sleep in the offseason
Sully6 months ago41 min

The BBR Chicago boys, Sully and KT, are back for the first offseason episode of the award-winning podcast.

This time around the boys catch up with former Dayton walk-ons, Jeremiah Bonsu and Joey Lee Gruden. The benchwarmers start out by plugging the TBT and letting listeners know just what the hell it is, as well as where it is, and why they need your support.

After that, fearsome foursome dives into some stories of the playing days in red and blue, and lets Sully and KT in on some of the secrets of the UD bball group text. John Crosby is mentioned, a rivalry with Scoochie surfaces, KP’s fashion sense is brought into question, essentially no one is safe.

Joey and Bonsu give the listeners a little insight into what the Archie Miller to Anthony Grant transition was like for the guys closest to it, before delving into the segments you have come to know and love.

Sully brings the trivia to the table in Drew’s absence, KT complains about something instead of actually giving a Tweet of the Week, and a famous sportscaster is the subject of the Hot or Not.

Sully lost the outro he had previously recorded, so duct tapes the ending together before Bonsu takes the people out with a song that reminds him of 2017 Dayton to Daytona.

Wear red, stay LOWD.



The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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Love the view and behind the scene info from the players. Great questions from the BBR staff!


Stellar offseason content.

Holy Roman Hemperor
Holy Roman Hemperor

grow up and put this on iTunes you heathens