After a year hiatus, the Blackburn Review proudly presents our seventh(!) annual women’s soccer sexploitation issue. Thanks to all who aided in the creepiness. 

7th! Annual Dayton Women's Soccer Sexploitation Issue

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Sonof Sam(miller)

Useless. No really commentary on the attributes of the players... other than the known , they pretty much stink as a team. But not as bad as the asswipe of an "article" on the bluebloods of basketball that seems to have mercifully been taken down, hopefully by realizing its irrelevance. This site is really slipping. Dayton needs better satire. I may be forced to go back to "Pride" for bball and elsewhere for porn if this is not soon corrected.

Almost as if Blackburn foisted the sexploitation issue.

As a free online mid-major basketball blog, we'd really hate to lose your patronage. greeks?

Looks to be a talented squad this year. Very gifted coeds. Hope they're good at soccer too.

Oliver Purnells Scrotum

Abby Wiegel. Winner.

Fifth floor of Founders

Weak, barely got a chubby.

Did my dad write this shitty article?