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The weekend rang in the new year, some good college footbaw action, and of course, Atlantic 10 basketball. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a fan or a follower of the conference who loves predictions as much as we do. Being a blog by the fans, for the fans, we polled The Twitter, as well as our network inside BBR, for 19 informed sources of knowledge as to where the teams in the A10 will land come March 9th.

Below is the spreadsheet outlining those predictions, let me explain:

The numbers you see to the right of the team name represent the number of votes that respective team received for the corresponding ranking above.

(For example: Dayton received 11 first place votes, so they have an “11” under the 1 column.)

The teams are sorted by their “average ranking” which is fairly self-explanatory, 1 point for a #1 vote, 14 points for a #14 vote, then divide. Couple thoughts to break down before you get into it:

Note: I was able to get a source from MOST teams, so the rankings are relatively even, although slanted slightly towards UD-fans.

Other note: The predictions were taken before the injury to Shavar Newkirk, as such St Joe’s should drop by an average of 1-2 seeds in my humble, honest, blog-worthy opinion. 

Dayton received the most first-place votes, followed by Rhode Island. Only one person had VCU on top, no other teams gained first place votes.

SLU was picked by the overwhelming majority to finish dead last, naturally. Dukes and Fordham were the only other two teams to receive last place votes, 2 and 2.

16 out of 19 voters had some combination of UD, Rhode Island and VCU in their top 3. Davidson was the only other team to break into the top 3 for voters.

So after all is said and done the consensus on the conference outlook goes like this:

Almost everyone believes the bottom 3 will consist of some combination of SLU, Fordham and Duquesne. The top 3 will be UD, VCU and Rhodey in some form. With that said no one has any fucking clue how the middle positions from 4-11 will finish.

Most surprising to me was the masses absolutely burying Richmond. A 10-11th place finish was the fate decided by the prognosticators. Many aren’t buying into the Mason hype yet either. Show and prove, Patriots.

Blackburn and Nate will be coming at you shortly to preview the Bona game tomorrow, and I will be back to recap the action from Olean shortly thereafter. If you didn’t read the preview from the Bona side of things yet, I conveniently provided that for you here. 

Happy new year, loyal readers of the Blackburn Review.

Stay LOWD.

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Whoever voted for St L in 9th must be hallucinating and should be killed. We wouldn’t finish 9th if the conference eliminated 10 teams. We may not win a game. Bonas will be better than forecast and Davidson worse. No way Dayton wins, not enough size and really not a great soothing squad.


Die hard Bonnies fan here.. BonaBlog sucks, awaiting your pregame take. You guys at least can write the English language. And you’re way more funny.


Diehard Bonnies fan here. BonaBlog blows. Awaiting your pregame. You guys can at least write the English language. And you’re way funnier too.


Diehard craft beer fan here. Domestic macrobrews in cans blow. Awaiting your friend request on Untappd. You guys can at least write a decent beer analysis. And you’re way drunker too.


Long time listener, first time caller here…
The ability of any St Louis fan to forecast ANYTHING is down right fucking laughable.
Billikanbill, had you had any intuition to begin with, you would have seen your program shitting the bed years ago..
Nostradamus, you’re not…

Lets leave predictions to fans of the other 13 programs and just hope we don’t kick your asses out of this league..

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