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Tom Blackburn is a proud U. o' D. alum. He loses faith in humanity one day at a time, but not in you, you seem like you are all kinds of alright. Charter member of the T-Man fanclub.

Recorded the day before UD’s 77-72 season-ending loss to VCU, the boys (God willing) are back with one last cast for the road. Donny, Blackie and Sully review the regular season and look ahead to next year’s campaign. The gentlemen discuss what the conference will look like next season and where the Flyers fit in. The top three — where would they like to see the A10 Tournament hosted? The highs and lows of a


YOUR Flyers are coming off a nice little offensive showing against Dukecane, scoring 88 points while shooting an ungodly 64.9% from the field. Don’t look now, but Dayton has a chance to go to .500 overall and in conference with a win this weekend against VCU. As you are more than likely aware, the Flyers unleashed a severe pink-socking on the Richmond Rams the last time the two programs hooked up, UD scored 106 fucking


Not going to sugarcoat it, losing the Arch-Baron Cup has put a significant dent in the season. After two months of inconsistent and uninspiring play, the Flyers could have brought home some goodwill by keeping the ABC in the Gem City. Instead, all Dayton brought back was a bunch of unused timeouts. Regardless, the show must go on. UD technically has a season to finish, and we will be there, on the outskirts, kinda sorta


It seems unnecessary to break down Saint Louis considering how Dayton fans obsessively track the Billiken program. The series hasn’t felt like much of a rivalry the past few years, with the Flyers winning an unprecedented seven straight Arch-Baron Cups. Anthony Grant, who at best has received an “incomplete” grade so far this season, can gain some esteem by continuing Dayton’s historic run against SLU. The Arch-Baron Cup is the measuring stick for all Dayton


Although it is one of college basketball’s most storied rivalries, certainly the most decorated, there isn’t an organized, concise and detailed history of the Arch-Baron Cup. Sure, there are bits and pieces here and there, but, for the most part, the ABC stills exists in the shadows. The national media has downplayed the significance of the rivalry principally due to the intensity of the series. Sports writers are afraid to take sides, commentators are careful


Coming off their biggest win of the season, an absolute pink-socking of VCU, the Flyers head to Philly to take on St. Joe’s. At 3-2, Dayton is now sitting in third place, tied with UMass, George Mason and VCU. This will be an important week for UD as they have three tough games that will impact the race for anonymity that has become the Atlantic Ten regular season. After what is always a tough trip


Sully, Blackburn and Vines form the three-man weave for this week’s podcast with Matt from Hawk Hill Hardwood to discuss tomorrow night’s matchup with St. Joe’s. The gentlemen quickly review the Sock Hop Massacre without getting too fired up about it. Matt comes on and breaks down Phil Martelli’s team and discusses the A10 at large. Super times.


After opening up the season with an invigorating Sock Hop victory over Ball State, the Flyers return to the gymnasium, ready to take on the VCU Rams on Friday night. Whereas this would’ve been one of the premier league games any other season, this year’s matchup is more pillow fight than bunker buster. That’s alright, that’s the kind of season it has been. 11-6 overall, 3-1 in the league (the one conference loss was in


New year, new season, same coach. After putting up a 6-6 non-conference mark, the worst start to the year since the 2005-06 season, the Flyers head into A10 play with fettered expectations. Honestly I’m not sure what would constitute a decent conference record at this point. 9-9? 10-8? Take a deep breath, we will get through the next ten weeks together. After that, it will all seem like a really bad dream. The goodish news? The Atlantic


Ron Hunter, Dayton born and bred, returns to the Gem City for some retribution this weekend. Hunter, as you no doubt recall, was in the running for the throne that Archie abdicated before the sceptre was eventually handed over to Anthony Grant — you think UD got the two of them mixed up and offered the job to the wrong guy? Quite possible, they all look the same to you people. Anyway, Hunter is most


One down, two to go before Dayton heads out west to take on Saint Mary’s. Penn comes to the Arena tomorrow, and it’s always weird to cheer against an Ivy League squad. It’s such a weird dichotomy. On one hand you have Dayton, with players that won’t go on to do much after they leave the university. The four years they spend in college will likely be the highlight of their lives. Then you have


I was talking with my fellow BR boyz this week and we all came to the conclusion that we are quickly running out of things to talk about when expounding on the Flyers. John Crosby should’ve stayed away, the freshmen are getting invaluable playing time, DURRELL is playing with commendable fuck-it energy, etc. These are going to be the themes we continually reference week in and week out. What we do know is this —

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