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Here’s the scary thing: regardless of how angry and disappointed you are after tonight’s SLAUGHTER, this isn’t technically “rock bottom”. Not yet. We still have to play Fordham this weekend at home. You can’t declare rock bottom until you’ve gotten past each and every landmine on the schedule, and at this juncture I don’t even want to turn my TV on come Saturday. Moving forward, the blogs on this site will get the same amount


There’s nothing like mama’s home cookin’ when you’re a little under the weather, so a home game against a (slightly) inferior opponent is just what our boys needed after this past weekend. After dropping to a record of 3-4 (the worst for Dayton hoops in over a decade), Tennessee Technological University came into the Sweater Centre and graciously allowed us to have a bit of a confidence booster this evening. Led by – you guessed


Come on in and take a seat, ladies and gents. Got a beer? Crack that shit open. A cigarette? Light her up. Black ‘n Mild? Pass it to Blackburn. Let’s take some time this evening to reset a few expectations for what’s to come. Tonight marked the Fliers first home loss in over a year, and the first home loss by 10+ since January 2014. Since this is my first post-game blog of the season,


As Sully announced in his last blog, the award-winning staff at the Blackburn Review will spend the next few weeks bringing you hard-hitting/highly-researched blogs about the new kids on the block. Shortly after our previous coach resigned to take a job at another school with a basketball team, my hope was that we could keep TWO members of this year’s incoming class. Fortunately, The General was able to trick nearly the entire bunch to stay, no


Real horrible situation for KD and his family. I can’t imagine graduating college then losing your family home a few days later. Wanted to get this out there for those of you not on social media channels.  An alumni setup a GoFundMe for his family, description and link below – spread the word.  “On April 4, 2017, the family home of recent University of Dayton graduate and basketball player,Kyle Davis, was destroyed by a fire.


This morning we woke up to news that Anthony Grant signed the first recruit of his tenure: three-star point guard out of Memphis, Jalen Crutcher. Praise the Good Lord Jesus Christ, we have a Point Guard on our roster (with perhaps another being re-added in the near future). Some people will credit Grant’s resume and charm behind the signing, but anyone with a brain knows the real heroes are the grown men who spent the last month


I remember exactly where I was the day they announced Brian Gregory was leaving for Georgia Tech. To be sitting at my desk in that dump of a Kiefaber shack could only mean one thing: final exam week. While sitting there, a friend who graduated a couple years earlier texted me asking if I heard any rumblings of BG taking a “big job” somewhere. “No clue,” I said. A few hours later it appeared across the screen of my Tangent computer:


Anyone with half a brain saw last night coming from a mile away. You think the basketball Gods would allow us to win the biggest regular-season game in recent memory, then waltz into D.C. and drag our sack all over George Washington? For sure not. As hard as I searched (not at all) on Twitter and at the Dayton bar last night, I couldn’t find a single person predicting a Dayton victory. It was Northwestern all over again: get our doors blown


Sully is coming at you tomorrow morning with the recap, but I couldn’t let this one wait. How do you honor a fallen teammate? You go out the next season and win the division outright. You cut the nets down in your own house with his number on your chest. Unreal. Big Steve was there to put those final free throw’s in tonight, believe that. Here’s to Big Steve. Here’s to the best class we’ve ever


Anytime the temperature reaches 60 degrees in February in Chicago/Dayton/New York city, you’re going to get a late blog. That’s just how the game works. Yesterday Dayton took care of business at home against a tough and gritty St. Bonaventure squad, 76-72. It was no where near a close game until the second half, with Bonnie getting up by as many as 15 at one point. Honestly its almost like they’re trolling us at this point, purposely


Tonight was a night we’ll remember for quite some time. Not only did we sweep the Arch Baron Cup (again), but our senior boys grabbed their 98th win. This puts them atop the Dayton Basketball ladder with the most wins by a class in school history. To put the cherry on top, Archie took home some records of his own: seven straight Arch Baron Cup victories and his fourth straight 20-win season. Maybe the most historic night any


Last year Dayton went into the Ryan Center in Rhode Island having not won a game there in 11 years. KenPom had the Rams favored by a few points and our fearless leader Archie “Rooster” Miller predicted the game would be a street fight. He was spot on. After giving up two separate 8 point leads due to 18 turnovers (shock), the game went right down to the wire. Lo and behold, our boy DURRELL came

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