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I’m not sure if anyone asked for it, or even wanted it, but now that dust has settled after the most eventful day in the young Dayton offseason, the BBR is back to give you the scoop that is not fit to print on respectable media outlets. Before we get to really breaking down the carnage below, let’s clear the air. The Day of Departure, last week, was undoubtedly a great day for the Dayton


On the path to finally reach the finish line of the 2017-18 season for the Dayton Flyers, it became abundantly clear at the start of the calendar year that we would be rooting for “small victories” this season, instead of something truly tangible like a trophy. When Flyers, young and old, look back on this season, it will surely be labeled a “rebuilding year” full of ups and downs. And so, in the spirit of


Ahead of UD’s contest with Rhode Island, I sat down with our pal Dave, who runs the blog RhodyRampage.com with the twitter handle, @RhodyRampage. Many of us have been going back and forth with Dave for years on the tweeter and he remains one of the better voices in the conference when it comes to team coverage on the interwebz. I picked his brain about Hurley’s future, how much he’s enjoyed the run these last


When the great founding fathers of the Arch Baron Foundation got together on a blistery cold night in Dayton, OH to form the great basketball rivalry you know today as the Arch-Baron Cup, Tuesday’s tilt in the Gem City was precisely what they had in mind: ugly, sloppy, pants-shitting basketball that comes down to the wire. The newest chapter of the Arch-Baron Cup had it all. An installment for the ages. (It has come to


We’re almost there, guys. We must press on. I’ll try really hard to not repeat anything Petey said about Mason in the article we posted yesterday. The 11-13 Dayton Flyers find themselves traveling with their weary bones to Fairfax, VA this evening to face off against the truly mediocre George Mason Patriots in EagleBank Arena (which looks dangerously steep in pictures, if you’ve ever noticed). When polling a small group this week, it was clear


Have you temporarily forgotten George Mason University is in the Atlantic 10 Conference? That’s ok, you’re not alone! Much like the Spiders of Richmond and the Minutemen of UMass, the George Mason Patriots are a comfortable arms length away from your Dayton Flyers in the A10, and as such, always have a few friends that are willing to sit down and talk some hoops with us in a polite and civilized manner. For this version


In the end, it was just about what you expected. Had I told you Saturday morning the Flyers would go down big in the second half, claw their way back and eventually lose a close one at VCU, the only part you may have questioned me on was the comeback, everything else felt familiar given what we’ve seen this season. There were more questions produced by Anthony Grant, there were lots of turnovers, there was


We have to press on, you guys, we have to. Last year, about this time of the year, I was looking at NCAA tournament sites/dates/times, etc. I could’ve told you every team on the bubble with Dayton, and every place UD could have landed geographically in the tournament. This year (besides my hometown of Pittsburgh) I couldn’t tell you a single tournament site, nor could I really rattle off more than 1 or 2 teams


Whenever I put a finger to keyboard to put things on this website, the question I start with is always the same: “Is this something worth reading?” In fairness, sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, but I do try to skew towards the former in most instances. So on Sunday night, when I decided whether I wanted to recap the SLU-UD matchup, the conclusion I came to was this: If you are here reading this


I’m live recapping again, got my beer, Josh wins the tip, let’s fucking go Flyers. Can you imagine if you saw Peyton Aldridge at the park for a pickup game? No way you’re picking that dude in the first 2-3 rounds, goofy as all hell. I constantly forget he doesn’t wear Rec Specs. Unfortunately, this is also UD’s story. Thank god there’s only one more season of letting this dude from Ohio beat UD. I’m


This team does not deserve a full recap, so instead, I wrote a few paragraphs about the game so we didn’t have to fully re-live the events of Saturday afternoon. I mean, when you REALLY think about it, what is there to write? You went in knowing URI was way more talented than UD, they were. You went in feeling like UD would probably get dominated in most aspects of the game, they did. Everything


The Dayton Flyers took their 9th loss of the season in the form of a full-on shellacking from Phil Martelli’s Hawks. Let’s just call it what it is first. We mentioned on the last few podcasts that during season’s like this, the hardest part is not sounding like a broken record, and avoiding redundancies. I will have a very difficult time doing that in this recap. As we originally feared, the Flyers carried absolutely no

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