Dayton, the Little Train that Should

Dayton, the Little Train that Should


Everyone is aflutter over the article that appeared in our nation’s paper of record, the NY Post. In between news about a Real Housewife and over-indulgent Knicks coverage, Lenn Robbins grants UD fans this reprieve from our nightmarish season:

The Big East cleared its last hurdle Tuesday with the announcement it had reached an agreement with Notre Dame that allows the Irish to leave July 1 for the ACC. So where does the Big East and the yet-to-be named conference that will be anchored by Cincinnati and Connecticut go?

Dayton will join Butler and Xavier next season in the new Big East, which is said to be looking at corporate offices in the metropolitan area. Creighton and St. Louis come on board for 2014-15.

Yeah, yeah, Butler, Xavier and Cre—-wait, what?? No other details are provided, no specifics mentioned. According to Robbins, who was a big Manti Te’o believer (so grain of salt), UD has somehow flipped places with those corn-fed mules from Creighton.

stonewalls.0_standard_352.0From a personal point of view, I don’t believe anything until A Jersey Guy verifies it — still waiting.

What we do know was that the C7 was supposed to hold a strategy meeting this morning, perhaps the subject of UD vs. Creighton was on the agenda. Who knows at this point? Regardless, the notion that UD could join the Big East in just a short few months is enough to keep Flyer fans enthused.

Lastly, a UD alum has put together this snazzy comparison matrix for your viewing pleasure. As you will see, Dayton more than holds it own in regards to the rest of the league in terms of its sports programs.

New Big East Analysis – v4.0

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