A St. Bon-Adventure

A St. Bon-Adventure

Anytime the temperature reaches 60 degrees in February in Chicago/Dayton/New York city, you’re going to get a late blog. That’s just how the game works.

Yesterday Dayton took care of business at home against a tough and gritty St. Bonaventure squad, 76-72. It was no where near a close game until the second half, with Bonnie getting up by as many as 15 at one point. Honestly its almost like they’re trolling us at this point, purposely going down 10-15 points just so we can all motherf*ck our TV’s and I can write the same paragraph in every blog.

Let’s get into the takeaways of yesterday’s game:

  • Archie finally cut the cord on Sam Miller, who saw zero minutes.
  • The X-Man started again over Mikesell, and will most likely continue to moving forward. Archie explained the lineup change before the game:

    “I think Xeyrius has really played well,” Miller said Thursday. “He’s made a lot of big plays for us. He’s given us a lot of energy on both ends of the floor. For whatever reason, in the first half, he’s started a little slower, so this is an attempt to get him going early in the game.”

  • DURREL is starting to flirt with his freshman self going 2/3 from behind the arc, and may actually be huge down the stretch for us (don’t hold me to that).
  • We started as flat as we have all season, and once again relied on some big balls in the second half (Kyle and Schooch).
  • The X-Man led the team with 8 rebounds and contributed 7 points.
  • Josh didn’t play much – can’t decide what his role will be for our remaining games and the A10 tourney, so I’ll leave that to the geniuses in the comment section.
  •  Kyle Davis is my MVP. His two coast-to-coast sprints that both ended with a bucket gave us a huge spark in the second half. We are going to miss this dude so much next year.
  • Scoochie, Kendall, and Cooke led the squad in points with 19, 16, and 13.
  • KP got smoked in the face again and wore a chinstrap bandaid for most of the game.
  • Yesterday was our 5th straight win (12 straight at home).
  • Bonnie’s back court continues to be lethal and isn’t going anywhere for a while. Jaylen Adams had 35 points – 8-for-14 from the field, 4-for-7 on 3’s and 15-for-17 from the foul line. Archie called him the most “unsung point guard in college basketball”.
  • Brian Roberts was inducted into the Dayton Hall of Fame at halftime. I’m sure Dayton was his #1 choice of destination for his All-Star break.
  • Still tied up with VCU at the top of the A10. Get me to March 1st already.
  • Tuesday night we’re back at it against George Mason, then Friday against Davidson. Need to stay real LOWD this week and take care of business these last 4 games.


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Legend of Tedd Hairis
Legend of Tedd Hairis

Its been almost 48 hours since this game ended and my ears are still ringing from all the officials whistles lingering in my head.

The X-man Conductor

A day will come where we look back at games like this one as it was the “the good ole days” ..no sweating a 1st half deficit or looking at the A10 standings for 4th place chances and tiebreakers.

PS: BR spreading the legend of the Glasscott’s bartender to Lowd nation is long overdue. Whether she knows it or not, she a centerpiece of my March.


I’ll let her know.


Next year gonna be epic. Turn the Cos loose! He’s constrained by Scoochie limiting his minutes now. Soon hE will bring havoc to offense! Gotta go fast to go faster. Dish to the Marshmallow, dish to Trey, to the young Greek. Whoa!!! ESPN top 10 every night!!!

The quality of this site is dying. The only thing that matters over the course of 12 months is literally the next 4 weeks. No recons, multiple days till a review is posted. You could honestly do nothing the next 9 months and focus on these four weeks. The articles seem rushed and forced and not the quality it was. Sadly, the recons and recaps were the best info for Dayton fans online and now its just blurbs you can read on CBS AP stories with no previews. Lock it up or sadly this may be dying and I emphasize… Read more »
Tom Blackburn


Kid Flyer
You guys do a great job. This is by far the best Flyers content out there (Jablo aside) and the community of idiots is thoroughly entertaining (Tariq?). I live in Denver and look forward to anything you publish esp. the podcasts (believe it or not) but I am a psycho Flyers fan and there is not enough content out there if not living in Dayton. It does feel like you are having bandwidth issues, which is understandable, but I hope you keep this thing going. More submissions would be great. Perhaps recruit a couple more contributors.

I could see a lack of motivation stemming from putting in work and then looking to the comments only to find a simpleton spouting off about dipping his sack (which he may or may not still have) in some unamusing location. There has to be a better venue on this internet machine for said person and their perversions.


I don’t know why that comment below had multiple spelling errors and was posted as guest. Sorry about that.

Lou Brown

I prefer the rushed and forced articles, that usually means we’re winning.

John Deere

Josh Cunningham is getting Sam’s minutes. That’s enough for me.


I wonder if the BBR crew is too busy voting for Archie everyday? It’s important to Archie and Morgan because they tweet about it everyday. Hopefully after Archie is eliminated their focus can go back to this site. Surprised no mention of the Instagram pic by Morgan flashing the Wolfpack sign. Ultimate troll move by her. I give her props for getting the sweaters shit stained Fruit of the Looms in a bunch.

Uncle Larry

Morgan wasn’t at Sat’s game – out of town visiting relatives, i.e. househunting.

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