PBT: Con Air

PBT: Con Air

It’s the first edition of Punch Bowl In The Turd, the Blackburn Review’s discussion of good bad movies. A good bad movie is one you probably don’t own, but always end up watching when it comes on TV. For the inaugural episode, Don and Matt are joined by the CEO himself, Tom Blackburn. They dig into the 1997 classic Con Air. Nic Cage! John Malkovich! Serial Rapists! Indestructible airplanes! What’s not to love?

This episode is longer than our usual fair, and we will try to tighten up next time, but we hope you bear with us long enough to have some fun with this one. The guys are very open to movie suggestions from the listeners, so feel free to send those to them on Twitter. Don is @5forFlying and Matt is @Conley76. You can also email them at 5ForFlying@gmail.com. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and give us a good rating if you enjoy.

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