Peeing in the Hall, Sleeping in the Bathroom

Peeing in the Hall, Sleeping in the Bathroom

IMG_2746It was very quiet at your favorite Catholic Institution this weekend due to the freezing weather and the fact that all my sources for stories got blackout drunk and do not remember anything. This week I do not have any raunchy female stories or pictures for you. Sorry you old perverts, looks like you will have to resort to drooling over Morgan Miller bikini pictures from Maui.

I just have two quick stories from this weekend. On one floor it was discovered that a guy had been peeing in bottles for some reason. Later that night another floormate got super drunk and peed in a cup. He proceeded to shower it over the kid’s door like a Gatorade bath on a Super Bowl winning coach.

The last story involves some fine engineering that you would expect from UD. A freshman guy’s bed was moved into the bathroom. He was obviously super pissed about it right? Wrong. He just passed out in the bed in the bathroom with a beer in his hand. Just how Bucky Bockhorn would want to start off Maui weekend.


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