Donny and Tom review the Flyers’ opener against SE Missouri State and look ahead to Alabama and William and Mary. They discuss Ronda Rousey’s future and question whether a former teen star is still a piece of ass. It’s a good time for everyone not involved.

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John Deere
Blackburn couldn’t provide enough incentive for me to listen to all 49 minutes of this drivel, but kudos to him for providing a safe space for the Flayer Nation. Fuckers, like Mr. Wiggles have created a level of tension in the men’s room not seen since Jim O’ Brien was patrolling the side lines. To set the record straight I visited the men’s room twice Friday evening (this is attributable BTW to three really bad draft beers, not prostate issues) and I did not observe any shit on the floor. Typical activist bull shit. No substance whatsoever. Where is the… Read more »