Red Panda Observes UD Victory, Is Pleased

Red Panda Observes UD Victory, Is Pleased


The last time the Gem City experienced two pink-sockings in a week, the Mayor had to close down the men’s bathroom at the Greyhound bus station. There we no embarrassing trips to the hospital this time, just the Flyers cruising to an easy victory over Avery Johnson and the Crimson Tide, 80-48.

Alabama lived up to its reputation as an offensively challenged team, as the Tide managed to shoot just 30% from the field (25% from three and 53% from the line). Although this was certainly a good win considering it came at the expense of a “name” opponent on national television, I don’t think it’ll be one Archie hangs his hat on come March.

This is by far the most positive I’ve have been about a Dayton team after two games since I was initiated into the Flyer Nation. While the competition thus far has been admittedly subpar, it’s the fashion in which the Cagers have vanquished their opponents that should have us all feeling a little chubbed-up with just two games off the slate.

Chief McElvene earned the first of what is hopefully many double-doubles, scoring 13 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Big Steve was a force on both ends of the floor and showed a bit more range on the offensive side of the ball.

Kendall Pollard got iced early, as the junior from America’s warzone picked up two early fouls and sat out the majority of the first half. Fortunately, it didn’t matter as the Flyers dominated the first frame and went into the half with a 40-24 lead over the Crimson Tide. That being said, Pollard hasn’t been much of a factor to start the season, he has taken a bit of a back-seat thus far, which has auspiciously allowed some of the newcomers an opportunity to step up. There are no concerns going forward, Pollard is still getting used to playing next to a true big man. It’s like when your mom brings home her new boyfriend for the first time and you have to mentally deduce if you could kick his ass should he get all liquored up and mouthy. You’re unsure around him until you realize he’s just in it to steal your mother’s underwear in order to it sell to the unassuming Japanese man who owns the laudromat. There’s no love or attachment there, don’t fret. Things will get back to normal soon.

Charles Cooke finally shook of the rust, dropping a game-high 21 points, showcasing his oft-discussed offensive arsenal for the Sweaters. Extremely reassuring to see the transfer get going before UD heads into the Advocare Invitational next week.

Scoochie Smith’s offensive development continues – the team’s point-guard is connecting on 43% of his three-point attempts and is a perfect 6-of-6 from the line this season. He is shooting the ball with confidence and runs the show about as good as anyone we’ve ever seen in a Dayton uniform. His steadiness this season will be of paramount importance.


DURRELL has been in a word, aggressive, over the first two games of the season. The sophomore guard from the Land O’ Swampy has fired off 18 shots (11 threes) in a combined 45 minutes of play. Now that’s not quite Iversonian, but it is certainly an “evolved” offensive approach from Davis the Younger. The biggest knock on DD remains his inability to keep the rock safe from impending forces – he has a team-high six turnovers and still appears unsteady with the ball in his hand.

The freshmen contributed 27 points against Alabama, which included an X-Man sighting(!), as the Wayne product finally entered the scoring column with a four-point effort this afternoon. Adding to the total was Sam Miller, who hit a couple of shots, and Chip Mikesell, who knocked down a trey just for fun. John Crosby (or as Bucky calls him, John “Cosby”) went scoreless but may just have the best hair on the team.

Through two games, UD’s opponents are shooting 31% from the field, 22% from behind the arc and an abysmal 43% from the charity stripe. William & Mary will be a different story this weekend, as the Tribe have been one of the better shooting teams in college basketball over the past few years.

Lastly, shout out to the Sweaters – just over 12,000 strong saw a deep-fried beating at UD Arena earlier today. That’s being RED and LOWD. This is going to be a fun season, don’t you guys ruin it for me.

Dayton 80 Alabama 48 Final 11 17 15 Basketball State

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