Robins Center Robbery

Robins Center Robbery

Blackburn is off visiting America’s Playground so Vines is checking in with the recap. He said it was a “business trip,” but after another cryptic Instagram last night, only God knows.


Welcome to March, bitches. Senior Night at the Robins Center. Coming into last night Dayton had lost 6 straight games here (circa 2004), and there were several stretches where I was convinced we’d be adding our 7th. But the Fliers managed to squeak out an 85-84 victory thanks to a second half surge from our boy Scoochie. Let’s get into it.

First off, I’d be lying if I said my confidence wasn’t through the roof all day long after Queen Miller was dropping HEAT late Monday night:

In the words of my high school journalism teacher: If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. You baboons can believe what you want, but when the Queen speaks, you bet your sweaters Archie and the team listen.

Last night we did something unseen for the last several games: score the first points. After jumping to an 8-2 lead by the first media timeout, “Dem Fly Boyz” looked like a Division I team again. Pollard was out there playing some aggressive ball for a change and started for the first time since returning from injury. Unfortunately, that stint didn’t last long and the nightmarish habits soon returned. Big Steve got two quick fouls (for once) – the first one AWAY from the ball and another about 60 seconds later. Dayton then thought it would be fun to let Richmond go on an 11-3 run before Archie called for a break with 8 minutes left in the first half.

Cline was by and far “dat dude” for Richmond and shot lights out, netting 12 points in the first 12 minutes of the game. He would finish the half with 18 points, hitting 7-of-10 from the field. Other than Cline, free throws added another thorn in our side as we went 2 of 6, with Richmond making 6 of 8. Cooke drained a 3 ball on our last possession, but the Flyers went into the locker room down 37-32.

(-1.5?! What a steal! Especially on the road. Well done, Vegas!)

Enter, Scoochie Smith.

The Scoochman came out HOT to start the second half, bodying in the first 4 points with energy that again has me asking “where in CHRIST’S name is this the rest of the time?” Cline nailed his 25th point barely 6 minutes into the half. We would proceed to trade blows after getting within one point, until the wheels appeared to be falling off in a hurry and Dayton was down 54-45 with 12 minutes to go. At one point we were 3 for 10 from the charity stripe while Richmond was 10 for 13.

But it’s always darkest before dawn. Something lit a fire up under dat ass and Dayton trucked along on a 16-3 run. With just under 4 minutes to play, Dayton was holding onto a 69-64 lead. This turned into a damn free throw battle, but the Scooch Man hit 6 straight at one point:

The score was 81-77 good guys with about 30 ticks left. Scoochie would end up at the line one last time with 6 seconds left and went 1-for-2. Needless to say, him missing and Cline running down to score in the last seconds had some people from this blog a little bothered – but the game was wrapped.

Cline finished with a career-high 36 points, shooting 13-20 from the floor. Scoochie had 24 in the second half alone (has he been reading the comments here?), finishing the game with 26, with Cooke next in line at 21. Archie said afterwards that Scoochie played “the game of his career”. No argument here:

Tonight marked our 7th conference road game of the year (if you can believe it) and the most in one Dayton season since we joined a league in 1988 (shoutout Schwade). Even the bench was feelin’ it:

Sam Miller, not so much:

Pierre told our boy Jablonski after the game that the team had a “players-only” meeting after Saturday’s loss. Take what you want from that. A win is a win, especially one on the road against a solid team. No more looking back to those last few games – it’s go time. Let’s win a fucking home game Saturday then roll up to the A10’s and handle some BIDness. You know what to do:


Brown Street Pimp OUT.

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