Sully is coming at you tomorrow morning with the recap, but I couldn’t let this one wait.

How do you honor a fallen teammate? You go out the next season and win the division outright. You cut the nets down in your own house with his number on your chest. Unreal.

Big Steve was there to put those final free throw’s in tonight, believe that.

Here’s to Big Steve. Here’s to the best class we’ve ever had. Here’s to the next few weeks. Let’s fucking go.

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Chapman Roosevelt
Wish Steve could have been in there tonight to pick up four more fouls against that minotaur with dreads carved from granite. When Mo Allie-Cox has his head in the game I am not sure who can stop him in college basketball. Scary. And Tillman is the second coming of Dennis Rodman. Quite an achievement for this private Catholic school with two out of shape big men, Gumby and two Hardy Boys who cannot bench their weight on the front line to defeat that gang of runaway Rottweilers twice in a month. For Crissake put Trey in the game. At… Read more »
Negative Nancy

Can’t handle this negativity and you include Cooke and not Pollard? Who are you?


Great tribute BR. I thought for sure, as did the whole Arena, that the first FT by KD was out. It bounced off the front of that rim and no doubt, Big Steve put a finger on that ball and bounced it back in. Wish he were here.


Did you copy and paste this from UDPride? Sounds like something they would post and believe happened over there.

Legend of Jim Rhodent
Legend of Jim Rhodent

Putting a Live Mic on boring droll wimp like Will Wade was the worst Live TV production decision since Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault