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**Shocker Alert** Jevon Thomas Will Not Attend UD This Fall

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Very surprising, I know. Thomas’ past, which we have already detailed, didn’t lend a whole lot of immediate credence to his potential enrollment at Dayton. This was a recruit that set off red flags from the word go, but was probably worth a gamble for a program like UD’s. Originally committed to St. John’s, Thomas changed his mind and high-tailed it down to North Carolina and reopened his recruitment.

The New York Post’s Zach Braziller reports that it wasn’t an “academic issue” with Thomas, but that the introspective youngster felt like he “needed another year.”

Whether that year will be spent at Quality Education is another matter entirely, as Thomas has attended a different school in each of the past three seasons.

From a basketball standpoint, not a lot changes. Kevin Dillard is going to get the bulk of the minutes at the point, and I’m told Archie never ceased in his pursuit of other PGs in the likelihood that Thomas would pull a “Jevon Thomas.”


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