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Ralph Hill is Getting Criped


It should come as a surprise to no one that Ralph Hill’s future with the University of Dayton was going to hit a crossroad at the end of the season. Hill, somewhat an afterthought in Brian Gregory’s final recruiting class, didn’t seem to figure in Archie Miller’s future plans and couldn’t find his way into an injury-depleted lineup begging for someone to provide a spark.

Hill’s Twitter feed, which some of you have already commented on, indicates that this decision may not be his own. In fact, it appears that he has been given an ultimatum by the Kid Yuma administration.

From the Daily Worker:

Dayton sophomore basketball player Ralph Hill has been active on Twitter today, posting Tweets that indicate his future as a Flyer is uncertain.

The Westerville North graduate wouldn’t comment to the Dayton Daily News, but his mother, Vickie Bradley, said: “Ralph is still working through his options. As far as when he’ll have that decision made, I don’t know that he has it made or has a deadline or when he’s going to make that decision. But I know him and I plan to spend some time talking about it this weekend and next week when he comes home after finals are done.””

On Twitter, Hill said:

“im not mad at anybody about this what im mad about is the situation that i was put in”

“Idk what my future holds”

“Don’t feel sorry tho…in retrospect I’m glad for the honesty”

“Times like this u really gotta dig deep and pray…”

“A million thoughts racin thru my head”

“Who coulda thought after everything I been thru this choice wasn’t even mine”

“i feel like im in a bad dream”

Hill’s comments seem to indicate a sense of helplessness regarding his current plight. If I was in Ralph’s shoes, I would make this unavoidable separation as public as I could. Hit Twitter/Facebook to shed some light on how things really operate.

And what did Archie have to say?

UD coach Archie Miller didn’t immediately respond to a request seeking comment.

What Archie meant to say was, “I didn’t recruit Ralph, I don’t want to keep Ralph and I really want Ralph’s scholarship. I will do everything in my power to make sure he never suits up in a Dayton uniform ever again.”


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