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UD’s Newest Walkon


News comes awfully slow this time of year, so word of a potential walkon at UD will suffice as excitement. For now.

Bobby Wehrli  is his name and…spiking volleyballs is his game.

Check it:

There’s no limit to what Benet’s Bobby Wehrli could do on a college volleyball court.

But if the high-flying 6-foot-5 senior has his way, nobody will ever find out.

Wehrli hopes to do all his flying on the basketball court at Dayton University where he plans to walk on next fall.

His decision to forego volleyball on the next level has broken more than a few hearts.

Yup, Wehrli is coming to good ole’ Dayton University next season. Dayton University.

My in-depth research has turned up the following: Wehrli scored 8 points against Linn-Mar back in January.


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