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The A16 Schedule is set…kind of

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets
The Atlantic 10…err…14…err 16 schedule is set and the Dayton Flyers are going to welcome the Butler Bulldogs to the famed Decibel Dungeon sometime next season. The dates are obviously not set yet, as the powers that be do not release those until October-ish. So we won’t know if the home Xavier game will be on a Saturday or not. What we do know is that Dayton will play Xavier twice and will play the rest of the A16 once. The good news is that Xavier should be down next year and Dayton could get two huge wins. The bad news is that Dayton might once again lose in Cincinnati and continue the dreaded curse. Maybe a year off down there would help?

Anyway, Dayton will play the follow teams at home:

Butler, Duquesne, Fordham, Richmond, St Bonaventure, St Joseph’s, Temple, and Xavier.  That is a pretty solid home schedule right there. You get Butler, St Joe, Temple, and Xavier all at home. Something tells me that those 4 teams will be in many people’s preseason top 5 for the A16.

That means Dayton will travel to these beautiful cities:

Charlotte, Washington DC (GW), Philadelphia (LaSalle), Amherst (UMass), Kingston (Rhode Island), St Louis, Richmond (VCU…I tricked you there), and Cincinnati for the annual loss.

So yeah…discuss I guess?


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