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That's a clown schedule, bro.
That’s a clown schedule, bro.

Late June is a boring time. There’s no football, the NBA just ended (thankfully) and there are only two good shows on TV (Workaholics and Burn Notice, for the record). If you’re anything like me, you are passing the time reading about @DadBoner’s divorce and trying in vain to get the images of the portly chick from “Girls” out of your brain. It’s bad, you guys.

But today we get a slight break. The U of D released the non-conference schedule, and the early returns are, well, returns. On paper this is an uninspiring slate. The trip to Alabama and home game with Murray State are good, interesting games. The Charleston Classic, or whatever it’s called, has potential. The game at USC will give Big Kav a chance to spread his seed with a 19 year old “film student” named Rhiannon. That’s about it.

Sure, there’s UAB, but they haven’t been relevant in two years. They get Weber State right after they lose an NBA lottery pick. Illinois State comes to the Decibel Dungeon fresh off their coach deciding an assistant gig at SMU is a better career choice.

Saturday November 10 Arkansas State UD Arena

Thu-Sat. 15-18 DIRECTTV Charleston Classic presented by Foster Grant
Pairings to be announced Charleston, S.C.
Charleston Classic participants
Auburn, Baylor, Boston College, Charleston, Colorado, Dayton,
Murray State, St. John’s

Saturday 24 Manhattan UD Arena

Wednesday 28 Weber State UD Arena

Saturday December 1 Northern Illinois UD Arena

Wednesday 5 Alabama Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Saturday 8 Miami UD Arena

Saturday 15 Florida Atlantic UD Arena

Wednesday 19 Illinois State UD Arena

Saturday 22 Murray State UD Arena

Sunday 30 USC Los Angeles, Cal.

Saturday January 5 UAB UD Arena

This is not a bad schedule, and it’s not a particularly good schedule. It’s everything we have come to expect from a Dayton non-conference schedule. We will laugh. We will cry. We will yawn. Put them down for an 11-3 OOC record.


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