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On Dez Wells…


One take on the Dez Wells incident:

“It was an RA, she was texting him all night about meeting up later, she was drunk,he was sober. at some point he smoked something, she did not. she took him back to her room, had to enter in a code to get into it, and they had sex. she admitted to not refusing or trying to stop it in anyway.she was willing. like 4 am that night calls her guy friend freaking out, he tells her she may have been raped she calls cops, go to hospital, rape kit negative, she says she doesnt want to go any further. week later changes her mind, there was a 4 hour meeting with the board, and he was expelled. The investigator on the case described her emotional state as “buyers remorse”.. also if she has relations with a student as an RA, she loses her position.”


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