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I am sure all of you are already aware of the breaking news, but if not, Matt Kavanaugh has been suspended for the academic year and will no longer be part of the UD basketball team.

Doogie reports the University confirming that Kavanaugh “is suspended for the remainder of the academic year as a result of violations of the University of Dayton Standards of Behavior and Code of Conduct.Therefore, he will not play on the basketball team this season.  Privacy requirements prohibit us from commenting further on this matter.”

There have been all sorts of rumors floating around in recent months about an incident on campus involving a female freshman student. We are not going to go into detail about what we have heard, but let’s just say that Kav is lucky that a suspension from the basketball team is the only thing that has happened to him.

So what does this mean for the season? We are not really sure. Kavanaugh had a break out year (by UD standards) last season and was looking to add onto that momentum this year. More minutes for UD’s other bigs, a cut to Dayton’s frontcourt depth. Yes and Yes.

Esteemed WHIO journalist/reporter/UD alum John Bedell added a bit more color to the situation:


Here’s how I imagine Archie’s meeting with Kav went this morning:

Archie: Matt, thanks for coming to my office so early this morning. As I’m sure you’ve already heard from Mr. Wabler, due to these allegations,  your time here at Dayton is over. I just want to say —- wait, are you…are you masturbating?

Kav: (sheepishly) Yeah.


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