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A Half-Empty Gesture


I guess if anything positive was to come from this season, it was avoiding a clean sweep at the hands of the Overlords. The Flyers took a 4-2 lead with eighteen minutes to play in the first half and never relinquished the advantage again. Xavier did manage to cut the lead to three midway through the second half, but Dayton never really seemed in danger of collapsing. UD quickly pushed the margin up to twelve and it was all over but the shouting, whatever the hell that means.

Xavier’s lack of a bench was a difference maker, as the Muskies were outscored by their counterparts 35-17. Matthew F. Derenbecker, Joshua D. Benson and Jalen X. Robinson accounted for all of UD’s bench points while Isiah Philmore was the only factor off of the pine for Xavier, dropping 12 in a losing effort. The Cagers were lights out from the stripe as well, connecting on a godly 88% of their charity stripe attempts.

Kevin Dillard, who finished with a team-high seventeen points, was presented with the ever prestigious Blackburn/McCafferty trophy as the game’s most valuable player. Blackburn/McCafferty would be an excellent buddy cop/fish out of water drama on CBS. Set in Boston, McCafferty is the hard drinking, hard loving Irish cop that doesn’t play by the rules. With a permanent five-o’clock shadow and an ex-wife that is married to “a black,” McCafferty lives with no regrets. Blackburn is a well-groomed Brit, who moved to the US because his American wife got a job doing something cool and trendy back in the states. Blackburn quotes mid-19th century literature and has an addiction to pain killers. On second thought, this is an awful idea. Awful enough to work.


Josh Benson was rather dominant offensively, scoring 16 points in just 22 minutes of play. I like the way Benson is carrying himself these days. He’s playing with a sort of bemused indifference that seems to be paying dividends. The game seems to be coming easier to Benson as of late, as the reality of his situation has firmly set in. Not letting the fifth-year senior from Dayton start his final home game against Xavier was a ballsy move, Archie, ballsy indeed. Very “McCafferty” if you catch my drift. But hey, when you are 13-11, you clearly have to continue to send a message to a guy who has three weeks left in his college career.

So…that pretty much wraps up the season. Sure, there are technically some games left to play, but the rest of the season essentially turns into a series of exhibitions from here on out. If Archie doesn’t start Brian Vonderhaar in the season closer against George Washington, I’m going McVeigh on UD Arena. It’s been that kind of season.

FireShot Screen Capture #205 - 'at Dayton 70, Xavier 59 (Sat 02_16_2013) - Basketball State' - www_bbstate_com_games_110020


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