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So the Flyers had a light week with a game at UMass. You would think, that with their season hanging in the balance, and with a week to prepare, UD would come out with one of their best performances of the year. Well, you would be dead wrong.


-38f07d5c6025781cMatt: I did not watch the game. I had no interest in submitting myself to what could be a ridiculous embarrassment. So now we stare directly down the barrel of the double barrel of not making the A-10 tournament and looking generally terrible at a time where they need to do everything they can to make the program more appealing to the C7. Sitting at home while other teams that, in the eyes of the C7, you are competing against are in Brooklyn, isn’t exactly padding the resume. With the team not being full strength, and being generally apathetic, I’m not exactly sure what else there is to say. You have any more constructive thoughts, Don?

Don: Nope. Notice how there was no recap for that game? Not a mistake. (Blackburn note: This is the least compelling team I’ve seen in my 18 years following this program. I prefer the Binnie/Alvarez team to this one. Seriously.)


Matt: At last night’s Oscars (and thanks to those who followed along on the Twitter. We will try to find someway else to embarrass ourselves soon enough. If you have suggestions, tweet them to us @5forflying), Daniel Day-Lewis took home his 3rd award for Best Actor (only actor to ever do this). You can certainly make the argument that he should have won all five times he has been nominated.

The fact that he lost to Adrien Brody after playing Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York is an absolute travesty. Is he the greatest actor of all time? I have to say that he is. His movies may not resonate with the general public in the same way that the work of Pacino, DeNiro, Brando or Hanks does. (Blackburn note: Remember when people use to think Pacino and DeNiro were great actors?) But with all those actors, no matter how good they are in their roles, you never cease to know who they are, or to get lost in the idea of the film. What DDL does is beyond all of that. You forget who he is, and feel as though you are watching only the character he plays, as if they were a real and/or still a living person. He transcends the normal restraints we feel while watching movies. From the slow transformation from good to evil in There Will Be Blood to the deep, complicated aura surrounding Bill The Butcher, the protagonist that everyone wishes they were in Gangs of New York, to the outer show of inner pain and struggle as Abe Lincoln, he is perfect. No actor in history has ever been better at making you forget, for a brief time, that he doesn’t exist.

Don: Should I break into my Colin Cowherd impression and rip you a new one right now? For all of you out there that don’t listen to Cowherd (and good for you!), Cowherd went on a rant about how DDL was not a good actor because now one watches his movies. Uh, what? Just because his movies don’t make billions of dollars means you aren’t a good actor? God that rant was fucking embarrassing. And then he went and trolled your ass in front of the entire country. For shame!


Anyway, I do think he is the greatest actor of all time. Seriously, his portrayal of Bill the Butcher is one of the greatest acting seminars you’ll ever see. And while I was super happy he won last night for Lincoln, I still can’t help but be angry that he didn’t win for Gangs of New York. Seriously, how the fuck does Adrien Brody have an Oscar? As for who might be better than Daniel, the only other actor that comes close to is Brando. Both are method actors, both were at the top of their game, and both got to pick and choose what movies they wanted to do. I would assume we won’t see DDL in another movie again for about 2, maybe 3 years. Maybe that is why he is so good? We get spoiled when he does a movie and then disappears for a few years, only to come back even better. I think last night’s win assures he is by far in the top 3 discussion.


Matt: So I did a lot of traveling this weekend, and with traveling comes the unfortunate consequence of having to eat fast food. One of my least favorite things about eating fast food is that all the usual places only have one or two things worth trying to choke down and this got me thinking. What would be the ultimate fast, good meal? We’ll leave places like Subway and Chipotle out of it, since they destroy all the usual fast food options. No, this time we are going with all the usual, drive-thru equipped suspects.

We’ll start off with the main part of the meal: the sandwich. I would allow for some Taco Bell food here, but that’s not where I am gonna go. I debated several types of burgers here, Arby’s three cheese, bacon and Angus sandwich, and Culver’s pork tenderloin. Ultimately though, I will take Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, with just pickles on it. It is so delicious. It is consistent. It is the best.

Fries aren’t even much of a competition anymore. Burger King’s have been terrible for years. Wendy’s new fries pale in comparison to their old ones. Rally’s spicy fries are the king, but Rally’s are almost extinct. (Blackburn note: Rally’s?? Fuck is a Rally’s?) No, the only two option are McDonald’s and Steak and Shake with cheese. It’s close, but I’ll take McDonalds. S&S fries just get cold too quick, and McD’s are always reliable. I’ll finish off my meal with a 5 piece nugget from Wendy’s (McD’s sweet & sour to dip), a Culver’s root beer, and a frosty from Wendy’s. Notice there is no Burger King in there. That is because Burger King is awful and has no good food.


Don: You mother fucker. You stole my spicy chicken idea from Wendy’s. I should just say “Anything from Skyline” and I would have a great meal, but that would be boring. I guess I will have to be forced to go with a spicy chick from Chick-fil-a. (Blackburn note: Anyone who prefers the spicy chicken over the Original is a disgusting heathen) Both sandwiches are perfection, like you said.

As for fries, I’ll go with Arby’s curly fries. (Blackburn note: I’d rather eat out of a Arby’s dumpster than go to Arby’s) The key to a good french fry is when you don’t need any ketchup, BBQ sauce, or anything else with it. Arby’s (and Rally’s) takes the cake there. I really want to say a chili cheese burrito from Taco Bell is up there but that doesn’t really go well with my meal so I’ll keep that for next time. I will go with chili from Wendy’s. It is an excellent replacement for french fries and it tastes just like the chili I make at home (only not as spicy). Give me a Blizzard from Dairy Queen and I’m good to go.


Matt: After all the traveling I did, I came home to a bunch of shows waiting to be watched on my DVR. Some of them are great shows, some of them are bad but enjoyable, and some of them are good but overrated. There are several shows nowadays that are good, and deserved to be watched, that many people fawn over like they are the greatest shows ever made. So what is the show that you watch, and enjoy, but can’t understand why so many people are completely in love with it? For me, it’s “The Walking Dead.”

When this show first aired, I didn’t watch it. In fact, I didn’t really care. Then, so many people kept talking about how amazing it is, and how I was really missing out on something special. So I downloaded the 1st season (that’s all that had aired) and watched to see what everyone was talking about. The first episode was so good that it hooked me. What followed was a bunch of very mediocre episodes. In fact, the 2nd season only had about 2 good episodes going into the last 4 of the run. So that makes about 7 good episodes out of 19. That’s not a good percentage. Now, the 3rd season has been pretty good. Nothing even in the same universe as “Breaking Bad” or “Mad Men,” but solid. The acting will always be sub par, and the writing seems like it will always be inconsistent. That makes it an enjoyable, but not great, TV show. So people can seriously shut the fuck up about how amazing it is.


Don: So we are talking about shows that we watch, and enjoy, but don’t love yet other people do? That’s a good question. And confusing. My first thought would be “Lost” but I actually really did love that show. I tried very hard to think of something and seriously struggled. I will go with this, and make fun of me all you want, but “The Voice” is actually not that bad. (Blackburn note: ……..) Sure it’s mainly about the judges rather than the singers, but for a reality singing competition, it’s entertaining. Now, I don’t think it’s AMAZING but clearly America thinks so. I couldn’t tell you who won the past seasons of “The Voice” but can tell you that without that show, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton would be non-existent. Hell, the show brought Carson Daly back from the dead. (Blackburn note: Literally. That guy looks fucking turrrible.) Christina Aguilera is disgusting and I am so glad she has been replaced with Shakira. Do I watch “The Voice” every week? No, but if nothing else is on TV and it is on, I’ll stick with it for 30 minutes or so.



Matt: Hot or Not time! Gonna go a little obscure here, but I want to know what everyone else thinks. Kimberly Perry. If you don’t know who she is, she is the lead singer of The Band Perry. A quick Google image search shows a girl who looks a little like Lauren Graham, and who also looks very hot sometimes. It’s really a toss-up with her. My judgement is for Hot, but I may change my mind by the time we publish this. That’s how much of a 50/50 shot this girl is.

Don: At first glance, she kind of reminds me of Chelsea Handler, who in my mind is not hot. (Blackburn note: She looks like a chunkier Jennie Garth) Lauren Graham, however, is. Since she is a mix between both, I have to go with “Not hot.” I’m not really a country fan, but I’ve heard their music is legit. Our resident country lover, Secaur, can probably jump in on this one.


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