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The Rush for Futility


The main function of Twitter, I’m convinced, isn’t to share information, opinions and pictures of food. It’s primarily a crowd sourcing tool. Twitter allows users to immediately decipher what the rest of the world is talking about, what issues and topics are in the forefront of people’s minds.

I say that to say this: from my observation of the UD fans I follow on Twitter last night, the rest of the season is like German porno – just for the hardcores. One on hand, the dwindling amount of tweets indicate that the Flyers lost the majority of its fan’s interest this season, and rightly so. One the other, there are still people that care and are going down with the ship. It’s commendable.

What most of us missed last night was maybe UD’s most complete game from top to bottom. In what was likely Dayton’s lone road conference win of the season, the Flyers went down to Charlotte (a place the program has historically struggled mightily to get wins) and came back with a blowout 88-67 victory over the Niners. The win keeps UD in the hunt for the final spot in Brooklyn (yay?) and almost certainly ends the 49ers at-large tournament chances.


Five players scored in double digits last night – Dillard, Benson, Oliver, Sanford and Pierre. Josh Benson continues his recent tear, scoring 15 points in just 19 minutes against Charlotte. Although Benson was slotted into the starting lineup last night, he continues to play with the sort of “fuck-it” attitude usually reserved for security guards and insurance salesmen.

After trailing by five at the break, UD went on an unfathomable offensive charge, dropping 59 points in the second half – outpacing the Niners by 26 in the latter twenty minutes of the contest. I can’t think of the last time a Flyer team completely dominated offensively (maybe the infamous Pitt game?). Dayton shot 67% from the field and got to the line an astounding 23 times, converting 18 attempts, in the second half of the ballgame. To say Charlotte rolled over and died after the break would be an understatement. So I won’t say it.

The win puts the Gem City Cagers a game out of the twelfth spot, trailing Charlotte, St. Joseph’s, Saint Bonnie and George Washington for the final invite to the conference tournament. The Flyers close out their season against the Bonnies and Colonials, so there is ample opportunity to capture that futile flag.


FireShot Screen Capture #213 - 'Dayton 88, at Charlotte 67 (Wed 02_27_2013) - Basketball State' - www_bbstate_com_games_110424


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