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Recon: George Washington University


Going into this weekend’s game, I just wanted to get a pulse on what Sweater Nation™ is thinking ahead of the season’s finale with Gêõrgë Wåshíngtøñ:

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GW is basically in the same position as Dayton, needing a victory to solidify their spot in the league’s postseason. The Colonials have shown improvement in Mike Lonergan’s second season in Foggy Bottom. The school will best last season’s ten win total and will continue to build for the future. GW enters in season finale against Dayton with a 12-16 mark, 6-9 in the conference.


The good news for GW fans – the program has begun to restock its shelves with foreign mercenaries. Harkening back to the grand ol’ days of Alexander Koul and Yinka “Stinka Finga” Dare, the Colonials currently house five international players. However, rather than dip into the depths of warring African nations, GW has pulled talent out of rather bucolic parts of the world – Greece, Argentina, Denmark and Canada (there is a young fella from Serbia, he is the exception). I’m not sure this recruiting philosophy will pay dividends, as it would seem to behoove GW to recruit players that are used to eating UN rations while cleaning a rusty AK-47. Those are the types of foreign kids the Colonials used to bring in – kids who were amazed to see milk in non-powdered form.

Guys like Dare and Koul played with fire, thinking that any decline in production would mean immediate deportation and certain death upon their return to their motherlands. The current crop of exotics at GW is a seemingly nice group of kids, but they don’t play with the blood-thirsty fire of their alien predecessors.  You know what they say on the recruiting trail, “If the kid grew up with four walls, he ain’t got no balls.”


Meet and Greet

Villanova transfer Isaiah Armwood is the team’s leading scorer, at around twelve a game, and the Colonials’ most difficult matchup. At 6’9”, the senior is not a prototypical back-to-the-basket big, he gets most of his points on effort and positioning. Armwood leads the squad in rebounding and is one of the conference’s best shot-blockers. His one season in Foggy Bottom is an unquestioned success.

6’5” senior Lasan Kromah is finally graduating, the standout senior is scoring ten points a game and four rebounds per contest. 6’6” freshman Patricio Garino, from Argentina, is already one of the league’s best freshmen, a pleasant surprise offensively for the Colonials. Garino scores around ten per game and is active on the boards. He will be a cornerstone for the program over the next three years, so get used to his smarminess.

Freshmen Kevin Larsen and Joe McDonald round out GW’s main contributors. The 6’10” Larsen has a very promising career ahead of him. He is currently averaging eight points per game and five rebounds. The bigman from Denmark has a ton of potential and will be a huge part of the Colonials’ future. McDonald, a local product from the prestigious Landon School (which costs more than 99% of America’s colleges), is GW’s starting point-guard. Scoring seven points a game, McDonald’s offensive game is a work in progress. He is, however, the team’s best distributor and on-ball defender.

Dwayne Smith, Kethan Savage and Nemanja Mikic comprise GW’s primary reserves. Smith is a 6’6” garbage player, capable around the basket and from fifteen feet. Savage is described as an “uber-athlete,” so that’s pretty cool. Mikic is a Serb who won’t flinch if you put a cigarette out on his forehead.

David Pellom, GW’s leading returnee coming into the season, missed the whole season with a wrist injury. With Pellom coming back next year, and three solid freshman gaining valuable experience this season, Gêõrgë Wåshíngtøñ will be one of the better squads to suit up in 2013-14.

Numbers Game

“99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.”

FireShot Screen Capture #219 - 'Dayton Flyers vs George Washington Colonials - March 09, 2013 - College Basketball - StatSheet_com' - statsheet_com_mcb_games_2013_03_09_2013-03-09_dayton_


Gêõrgë Wåshíngtøñ struggles to “score the ball,” and probably wants this season to be over more than UD does. Dayton plays its’ B- game, yet still pulls out a hearty victory, 68-59.



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