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Ball Don’t Lie, Except When It Does


The season couldn’t have ended any other way. After losing a heart-breaker against George Washington (as was scripted), on a follow-up dunk by Isaiah Armwood, the Flyers had to lie in wait, relying on the results of the Saint Bonaventure/Fordham and Charlotte/St. Joe’s tilts.

UD wouldn’t have to wait long, as the Fordham Rams hung on to defeat the Bonnies, winning a game they theoretically had no business even caring about. The Ram win was crucial for Dayton, as Charlotte righted their ship one last time, pulling out a victory over preseason favorite St. Joe’s (what this season says about Phil Martelli is up to you).

Good news? The Flyers extend their season at least another 40 minutes. Bad news? They open up against Horseshoe University, a program that has a bottomless reserve of luck and good fortune.


Upsets do occur, and the Flyers could catch fire like they did in 2011, but to say the landscape is littered with landmines is an understatement. The best hope is to put the ball in Dyshawn Pierre’s hand as much as possible and pray.


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