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Is Bernie Still Finagling?


There are rumors swirling, swirling!, that Siena might be a part of the Atlantic 10’s recent expansion. My neighbor, Jon Rothstein, tweeted early today that the Saints have a press conference scheduled for Wednesday, subject unknown. Siena recently fired its coach, so there is some speculation that it may simply be an announcement on a new hire. However, filling a coaching vacancy is usually announced ahead of time, and nothing has slipped out of Albany as of yet. The possibilities are endless.

From 4 Guys in Blazers, a Siena site?:

The Saints, according to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports and sources close to the Atlantic 10, are a top candidate for A-10 expansion along with George Mason, the consensus favorite. What this all means is that one way or another, either during this round of expansion or the next, there is the very real possibility that Siena will find itself looking at an invitation to the Atlantic 10 Conference.

If this move were to occur the Saints would find themselves in an Atlantic 10 that looks very different from today, but still one that is a significant step up from their current level. Virginia Commonwealth, Dayton or Richmond, Saint Joseph’s, UMass, Rhode Island, George Washington, La Salle, Duquense, Saint Bonaventure, and Fordham would all still remain. Amongst these schools VCU and La Salle are both in the NCAA Tournament with at-large bids while Saint Joseph’s and UMass earned at-large bids in the NIT. No, this would not be the A-10 of this season with five NCAA Tournament teams, but it would still be a formidable multi-bid potential conference on a year in and year out basis.

But Siena’s President? He doesn’t know what the fuck you are talking about and would like you to leave his office, thank you kindly:

If Siena is getting an invitation to join the Atlantic 10 Conference, school president Rev. Kevin Mullen has yet to hear about it.

“Not at all,” Mullen said this morning. “Not a thing.”

News broke on Sunday night that George Mason is leaving the Colonial Athletic Association for the A-10 and speculation continues that Siena could be next on the A-10′s shopping list.

CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein tweeted last week that Siena and George Mason were both possibilities for the A10.

But Mullen said this morning he hasn’t been contacted by the A-10, and that his school remains a satisfied member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. The Saints have belonged to the MAAC since 1989.

“We believe in the MAAC,” Mullen said. “We’re good members of the MAAC, but our posture is, if somebody was to talk to us, I would certainly listen and have to evaluate that. There’s ways of doing that. You can do it responsibly and respectfully. As of this point, as of this morning, no one from that conference or any conference has talked to us.”

Mullen added “it would not be my posture to reach out” to the A10 about potential membership.

We know nothing.



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