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AND WE’RE BACK!!! After a few weeks off for Don’s “identity surgery,” we are back just in time for the end of CBB season, and the beginning of the time when you don’t want to be inside reading meaningless crap on the Internets.

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Matt: Since there isn’t anything major Flyer related to discuss here, let’s talk about the NCAA tourney. Specifically, filling out your brackets. Last year, just about everybody had Kentucky winning the title. This year, there were as big of variations from person to person as I can remember. So which kind of tournament do you find more fun for bracket pools, the ones where everyone knows who is going to win the title ahead of time, or the years like this? Does your opinion change if there is money on the line? Lots of money? Personally, I do pretty well in years where everyone picks the same final 4 teams, because I usually nail the first two rounds, but I also rarely win the pools in those years. If it is like this season, I think it is a lot more fun, but I also tend to do poorly (1st place early, tenth place now). I know this will be the place where Don brags about winning the pool we are in together, so let’s have it.


Don: I don’t know what has happened, but from the ages of 10-25, I was terrible at filling out a bracket. I believe the only year I won was when UCLA won it all back in 1995. But man, the last 6 years have been very good to me. Like you said, I have won your bracket challenge. I have already won my cousin’s pool. And if Louisville wins, I will win my work pool. I wonder just how much I could have won if Kansas and Ohio State didn’t shit the bed. This year has been crazy, but not the craziest. I would imagine a lot of people have Louisville winning it all. Wichita State is a shocker, but Syracuse and Michigan making it? It’s not like we are talking about major upsets.

But yeah, I prefer betting money on these things and only doing ONE bracket. It’s been said by me, you, Adam, and Blackburn that if you fill out more than one bracket, you are never allowed to brag. Ever. I have always been a one bracket guy. I either win all or most of my pools or I win none. No in between.



Matt: So all anybody wanted to talk about today was the injury suffered by Louisville’s Kevin Ware. It was grotesque, and it is the kind of thing that sticks with you. This got me thinking about if it was the worst injury I had ever witness live. I know it isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, as I enjoy watching MMA and Muay Thai videos on YouTube. But that is never the same as watching something like this happen in real-time.  So let’s count down the worst injuries we have ever witnessed live (not including Ware, since that would probably be #1 for both of us):

5) Jason Kendall rolling/breaking his ankle running into first base against the Brewers.

4) Willis McGahee getting rubber legged against Ohio State

3) Sid Vicious breaks his leg in WCW jumping from top rope 

2) Tyrone Prothro makes us all sad, since we knew he would never be the same. But I’m sure being a bank teller is fun.

1) Shaun Livingston makes me give myself a black eye from trying to cover my eyes too fast.

Don: Are we doing things we’ve seen live only? That Louisville injury was the worst non-contact injury I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine being on that bench and seeing that bone pop out. I probably would have thrown up. But like they’ve said on the radio/TV/articles about the injury, it is better to break a leg than to tear up your ligaments. So who knows.

I wouldn’t argue with any of the five that you mentioned. Some more that I would throw in would be Alan Ray at Villanova getting his eye popped out, anything involving a hockey player getting cut by a skate (too scary to even watch), and anything on this list.

Blackburn: I know the injury looked horrible, and it was, but in reality it’s no worse than an ACL tear. Someone explain to me, how is this not the best thing that ever happened to Kevin Ware?


130401_bryce harper.nbcsports-grid-8x2

Matt: Baseball season is finally here, which brings back one of my favorite traditions: hating guys one other teams for no real reason. It’s a time-honored tradition as old as Cracker Jack, Vin Scully, and the Cubs being shitty. Why, I have irrational hate for many players. Nick Markakis pisses me off, mostly because he should be better than he is, and so many people think he is better than he is. Fernando Rodney is a moron who thinks it’s acceptable to wear a sideways hat. Ian Kinsler…I just don’t like Ian Kinsler. Todd Helton, Miguel Cabrera,  and several other players think it’s OK to drive drunk. Luke Scott is a HUGE douchebag. And Alfredo Simon may have killed a guy. All of them can suck a hairy one. Oh, and all the Yankees. Fuck all the Yankees.

Don: This is tough. Typically I hate a player out of sheer jealousy. Like, fuck you Albert Pujols. You are really good and you always destroyed my Reds. But as for hate of players “just because” I will go with a run down for each of the NL Central teams (plus Astros) because I watch them the most.

  • Cardinals: Tie with Matt Carpenter and Yadier Molina. Both are whiny fucking bitches and both STARTED the fight between the Reds/Cardinals yet Cueto and Phillips get blamed. Fuck that.
  • Cubs: Alfonso Soriano. You are old and you suck. (You are lucky you are still not on the Cubs Ryan Theriot. I hate you more).
  • Brewers: Ryan Braun. Obvious.
  • Pirates: Russell Martin. No real reason here. I just have to pick one.
  • Astros: The Astros are too bad to hate this year. But in years past, I loooooooathed Carlos Lee. He is one of those guys that had incredible numbers vs the Reds and average against everyone else. I never could get an explanation for that.



Matt: With the weather warming up, it’s grilling season. I for one, am a bratwurst man. One of the things I love about brats is that there so many very delicious varieties of them. This raises the question though: which kind is the best kind? The old-fashioned cheddarwurst or beer brat are fantastic and safe, but a high ceiling they do not have. Trader Joe’s makes a Sweet Apple brat that is pretty amazing, but it’s made from chicken, so therefore is disqualified.  For me, the best bratwurst out there is the Johnsonville Irish O’Garlic. It used to be a specialty thing the put out in the early spring for St. Patrick’s day. This last year though, they were in stores the whole summer (much to my dismay, as i filled my freezer with them in anticipation of a short supply). They are just regular Johnsonville brats with garlic in them. So simple, so amazing. If you see some at your local store, definitely pick some up. How about you Donny, which kind of brat do you prefer your wife grill for you?

Don: I would never let my wife touch a grill. She would burn the house down. For starters, can we both agree that charcoal grill is a must and anyone that uses propane is loser? Can we get that out of the way first?

But, yes, I go Johnsonville Spicy Brat. Sometimes I get the cheddar dogs too, but a spicy brat is the only way to go. Throw on a few peppers, onions, mustard, and yes Chicago people avert your eyes, ketchup. You know what is the worst? Watching someone try to grill a brat or sausage and they start poking the meat, causing all the delicious juices to fall out. I hate that so much!



Matt: Hot or Not time. This week, we point the finger of judgement at Amanda Seyfried. Hot pops straight to mind. Then I look at a picture of her. She looks like she is scared all the time. Or that she is trying to shit a watermelon into the toilet. That said, I still say hot, but by a much slimmer margin than I originally anticipated.

Don: Get your head out of your ass. She is SO hot. I would do really bad things to Amanda Seyfried. For starters, she is in Mean Girls which is a fantastic movie. Second, she gets naked in a random ass movie with Julianne Moore, who is no stranger to getting naked. Third, seriously? Are we really having this discussion? HOT!


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