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The Big East Will be a 12-Pack of Contentiousness


SB Nation’s Seton Hall Blog, South Orange Juice, recently interviewed the Hall’s AD Pat Lyons. In the piece, Lyons confirms that the league will be expanding to 12 teams in the future:

This new league is a home run. We (Big East AD’s) are really excited about adding Xavier, Butler and Creighton. Any time you’re able to add three teams who have recently spent significant time in the top 25 to your conference, you should be pleased. Two more teams will be added to the Big East, we are certain of that, but right now those two teams haven’t been decided – but it will be a 12 team conference. We’ll have home and home games, and that’s really going to create great rivalries – renewed rivalries. The AD’s and Presidents of each school are excited about the direction of the new Big East and the continuation of having the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden. We’re all aware of how tenuous things were for a while last year, but it really couldn’t have worked out better.

No word on when, or whom, but one would have to assume Saint Louis is secure in the driver’s seat with several programs, including UD, jockeying for shotgun.



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