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I’m employing brevity with this post due to the fact that pictures tend to speak louder than words . From the Pride website:

Anticipating the upcoming 2013-14 Flyer fall, winter, and spring sports seasons, UDPride has teamed up with Korporate Kasuals to provide apparel to show off your love of this web site and also the Dayton Flyers.


Just as the color red was worn in the Middle Ages to indicate a higher social status, this t-shirt will aid in identifying Dayton’s “realest” fans. The shirts will be available in sizes XXXL – moomoo.

If you should come across a FAN sporting one of these tees, please snap a pic and send along. Gracias.

Tom Blackburn

Tom Blackburn is a proud U. o' D. alum. He loses faith in humanity one day at a time, but not in you, you seem like you are all kinds of alright. Charter member of the T-Man fanclub.

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