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Charles Little Chronicles

The Charles Little Chronicles: Dirty Deeds


With paying student-athletes (and the sermonizing that comes with it) evolving into the media’s favored literary crutch, I wanted to get Charles’ take regarding his experiences at Dayton. I asked him if he ever saw anything on the black-market while attending our fine university.

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Not much that I knew of, BG wasn’t really for that type of stuff. The tutors we had weren’t much help, there were more than a few times where he made me sit in the study room literally from 9 til 9 getting a paper done. All of the things that I ever got free in college were more me being out in the city and using my status to meet the right people at bars and restaurants. My mom lived in New York during that time so I never used my tickets, I was always giving them to bartenders, bar/restaurant owners. But, as far as $100 handshakes, I never saw any of that.

I think BG understood that some of us didn’t come from most financially stable places, so in a way he spoiled us, always making sure we had new sweats and all the best Nike gear. He and the other coaches were always good for a free meal when we needed one, so we didn’t want for much in general.

Anytime someone says something about UD players getting things under the table, just ask why was Brian Roberts riding around in a ’89 Caddy then.


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