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The Charles Little Chronicles: Business is Business


Charles catches us up with his current circumstances, ponders his future and answers a few questions. Please keep the questions coming ( and make sure to follow Charles on Twitter (@CharlesLittle15).

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This is a cut throat business. I tweaked my knee last weekend which worried the entire organization. I practiced all week, had 16 and 14 in our practice game last night but apparently that wasn’t enough alleviate their concern, so they decided to go in a different direction. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue in pursuit of this dream, when you have to deal with so much adversity and bullshit over here, that’s not really related to basketball, at some point you stop recognizing the game you fell in love with as a child. These Europeans are funny, they smile in your face, tell you that the team supports you, the next day they’re giving you a plane ticket home. It’s crazy.

I’m gonna go back to the states and clear my head for a few days, see how I feel. The thing that I’ve always tried to remember is that I love basketball but it doesn’t define who I am. I have other interests and talents, so I’ll be fine whatever I decide to do. Am I disappointed in the situation? Of course, but it’s just part of the journey.

Anyway let me answer a couple emails. Michael B. had two questions:

Q) When I was at UD (97-01), the basketball players seemed to hang out with trashy-hot chicks that were college-age, but not UD students.  Where did these broads come from?

A) Honestly I don’t really know, a lot of WSU girls and community college girls found their way around us. They televise all the games so every female in a 30 mile radius knows who we are, and I wouldn’t exactly call us hard to find.

Q) Is there a former Flyer that is legendary amongst all other current and former players?

A) Hands down Bucky, he’s the man and has the best basketball stories

This next email is from Chuck:

Q) What country has provided the best pussy in your travels?

A) Germany by far, it’s a European melting pot. In Germany you don’t have to look for them, they’ll find you

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