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Charles Little Chronicles

The Charles Little Chronicles: Ballin’ Out


We are pleased to share another morsel of entertainment from the Charles Little files. As always, please follow Charles on Twitter (@CharlesLittle15) and email him at

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[pull_quote_center]For the purpose of this story,and not wanting a text message rant, we’ll call my huge African best friend and freshman roommate, the Big Fella. Anyway, during our sophomore year the Big Fella had found himself in the coaches doghouse and he wasn’t playing much — he was in complete fuck it mode. I don’t remember who we were playing but the Big Fella, figuring he wasn’t going to play much, decided to free ball, go commando, whatever you wanna call it. We ended up being up in this game by 15-20 points so coach puts the Big Fella in, somebody hits him with an over the top pass for a layup. He gets fouled, hits the ground and does a roll in front of us. His shorts slide up and I’ll just say, balls everywhere.[/pull_quote_center]


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