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Charles Little Chronicles: 15 Things I’m Thankful For


What would Thanksgiving be without a Charles Little post?  For this holiday edition, Charles shares the 15 things he’s most grateful for.

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15 things I’m thankful for

1. Yoga pants……..I could write a whole post on how great they are.
2. The imminent return of the 3rd greatest guard ever, Kobe Bean Bryant.
3. Those 2 for $2.22 powerade deals at stores, I’ve never been so hydrated.
4. Women of low moral standing, without whores you wouldn’t know what a good girl looked like.
5. The greatest football player that has ever lived, Tom Brady.
6. Yoohoo. My life hasn’t been the same since my first can.
7. Every Redskins loss Big Des sends me the best messages after each game.
8. FIFA 14, my soccer addiction is in full bloom these days.
9. Snuggling……..if you can’t lay with her you damn sure can’t live with her.
10. Bucky Bockhorn, aka Young Buck, the greatest flyer of them all who showed me just how great our tradition was and what a good bottle of whiskey was.
11. Loyalty…..their aren’t many people in this world that you can trust, so be grateful for those you can.
12. Blackburn Review for letting me write this, it’s good to get all my randomness out there.
13. X^^^^R, without them I wouldn’t understand the full extent of hatred — which wouldn’t allow me to love my school so deeply.
14. The Mighty Dayton Flyer Nation, my second home, my second family — like they used to say about the British, “The Sun Never Sets On Flyer Nation.”
15. Family….all our families are crazy, filled with oddballs, assholes, oversharers, and drunks, but their our drunk oddballs and we love them nonetheless, flaws and all.


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